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66 Responses to Learn To Play Webkinz Next – Challenges

  1. bt4e says:

    Hi Sally, I am working on the Home Before Dark for a challenge and my guy just stands in front of a house door but doesn’t go in- how do I fix that because I will never finish that challenge if I can’t fix it. Also it takes forever for him to get to the door. He runs back and forth a lot before he moves forward. Thanks

  2. bt4e says:

    Where do I get the hog dog for the bbq challenge? I don’t see it in the wshop under food. Thanks

  3. Mummabean says:

    Hi Sally. I have a challenge in Next to use wish tokens. How do I get wish tokens in Next?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      You would have collected 10 around Kinzville as part of that challenge chain. After that, you can win Wish Tokens on the Wheel of WOW, as one of the possible daily log in prizes, and as a possible prize from the fortune teller.

  4. hanna825 says:

    Webkinz Next makes my laptop run so fast it gets really hot….I’m afraid it’s going to make it overheat.

  5. Alphaowlbear says:

    Hi Sally Webkinz – I resurrected my Next account about two weeks ago – it had been dormant for several months. Can you please advise me how to move forward with a challenge? I visited the Farmer’s Market two weeks ago and automatically received my Farmers Plot, placed it in my yard, and have filled it with growing plants to fulfill various gardenting challenges. Yesterday I got a new gardening challenge and the first step is to get the Farmers Plot – but I already did that and the plot is just one per account. How do I work around this challenge when it seems out of order? Thank you.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Put the Farmer’s Plot back in your dock and then back into your yard. If that doesn’t work, put the Farmer’s Plot in your dock, log out, log back in, then put it in the yard.

      • Alphaowlbear says:

        Thank you, Sally – that worked! I was also pleasantly surprised that when I replaced the farmer’s plot, all the garden plants returned in their various stages of growth :-)

  6. Yucky1 says:

    I finally got enough wood to make a window on the workbench. When I opened the bench to make I noticed that I also needed 6 clamps. They are not shown in the picture of needed items and I have never seen them in the crafting bags. Rather confusing and frustrating! Has anyone made a window and did you need the clamps to do it?

  7. Eilish says:

    I’m unable to get into Next. It says, ‘You own this Game’, but I can’t get any further. I’ve played every day since the beginning, but not today.

    • rickyfox123 says:

      Hi Eilish I’m having the same problem and Webkinz Next will not load, I’v tried every thing -uninstall, reinstall, clear and nothing. Did you ever get yours up and running. if so how

  8. dianadoodlebug says:

    Wish we had more challenges in classic…

  9. Woof02120 says:

    Is it possible for accounts to be archived in Next? If so, how many days of inactivity is that?

    • zengirl says:

      If you look at your friend list and scroll to the bottom you will see the last time they were online. my current list has an account last accessed 22 days ago. so…………. BY THE WAY WW NEXT teckies.. can you make it easier to scroll this list? THX SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH

  10. juniorjd says:

    There needs to be more ways to get craft bags or buy individual supplies….

    • lemony says:

      I wish we could ask friends for help just like the Classic building kits :) that would help immensely!!!

      • Beckinz8 says:

        That’s a great point @lemony! I have only been playing Next for around a month by now, and I was wondering if it is possible to send things to friends, and how you go about doing it? If not, I hope that the game techs are able to add in this aspect of community that we all love from Classic.

    • ImaPepper says:

      I agree. I’ve been trying to make the coffee table, and I can’t get the two more wood I need….arrrr! Since this crafting recipe goes “poof” in less than a week, I don’t think I’ll make it; and I really want to make the table.

      • Zooooooz says:

        @ImaPepper, same here :) You are not alone. Since last Thursday my WN account stopped awarding daily login prizes (which include crafting bags and diamonds once a week), so my chances of making the coffee table look bleak!

        • ImaPepper says:

          I guess we can only hope that the recipe will be available again sometime in the future. Sorry you haven’t been getting the daily login prizes; I’ve been getting some, but it’s just food and a little money. I hope they start working for you soon; have you contacted customer support?

          • Zooooooz says:

            Yes, I have contacted customer support :) I hope they can fix the ‘no gifts on login’ problem…

        • laylawnee says:

          If you have the app on your phone, you can get the daily login prize that way. I have a lot of glitches on my account too. I login on my phone to get the daily prize and then log out to go on my computer app. I hope this helps,

          • Zooooooz says:

            How do you get the app on your phone?

          • laylawnee says:

            The apple store on iphone. I’m not sure about android phones because it has been a while since I had one.

          • young797 says:

            I can’t THANK YOU enough for posting this. I downloaded on my android phone and daily rewards showed up, got my token last night and diamonds today….. YAY…… why it does not show on PC who knows, but i did contact CS several times, got a generic “it’s a technical issue we are trying to fix” hmmm…again THANK YOU!!!!!

    • teddybear says:

      I am with you in that. I have been waiting and waiting to get some glue in the bags but no such luck for over a month now. But with saying that I have only won the craft bag 2 times during the month of July.

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Yay!!!!! They heard us and are working on the situation! They added a crafting supplies vending machine right outside the Curio Shop. NOW we can all start making some progress on those challenges. I’m going to spend the next week selecting wood, paint, and spools of thread. I’m so excited! Thank you so very much, Ganz team, for listening to your players!

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