Let’s Build a Movie Theater!

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Michael is back with a new Let’s Build video! This time he shows us how to build a movie theater lobby and screening room using mostly items from the WShop.


What do you like about Michael’s room designs and what would you change? What type of room would you like to see Michael build next? Do you have your own room design tips & tricks that you would like to share? Please leave your comments below…


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161 Responses to Let’s Build a Movie Theater!

  1. rida2 says:

    an art studio would be cool

  2. justdance502 says:

    do a mall, dance studio, or movie audio

  3. madki2 says:

    Hey Micheal. Love these videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be really cool if you made an election office because of the election!!! Thanks! Again, LOVE these videos!!!!!

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