Let’s Build: A Seaside Hotel!


Hey guys, I’m back with another Let’s Build video! This time I build a Seaside Hotel using a variety of items including items from the Beach House theme which returns to the W-Shop on July 8th:



That Weathered Barn Pillar that I used in my restaurant will be released on June 17th with 9 other Jumbleberry Fields prizes, just on time for Berry Fest! Don’t miss a day of this year’s Berry Fest which officially begins on June 19.


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Have a screen shot of a favorite room you’d like to share? Send it to me by emailing it to letsbuild@ganz.com . We might feature it right here on Webkinz Newz!


What room would you like to see me build next? Please leave your comments below…


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95 Responses to Let’s Build: A Seaside Hotel!

  1. SignatureIsland says:

    Cool! My favorite was the fanciest version of the hotel room. I might try to build that. I think you should build a Little Kids Bedroom, or a large room kitchen with taste testing area, a waiting area, and of course, a HUGE kitchen.

  2. we1443a says:

    Omg! I love the way you decorated the Hotel Michael Webkinz. – emhoov

  3. xoingtoby says:

    Very creatively done and gives me some great ideas! Thanks!

  4. Michelle08 says:

    Love the Seaside hotel! Great idea! I actually live near Seaside Beach in New Jersey so, it was reminding me of there =)

  5. beerfeet says:

    Love those seaside windows. I wish Ganz would make more big windows like this and some French doors & sell them for kinzcash not eStore points. Your restaurant looks like a great old beach seafood shack, well done!

  6. MWolfL says:

    Cool idea with the Beach Hotel. Say how about for future videos you come up with other kinds of hotels, like one for the country and one for the city? I’d actually really like to see one for the city because I’m slowly building a whole city section with my rooms and wouldn’t mind including a hotel.

  7. cowtown2 says:

    thank you for the wallpaper change ideal I wanted to make more beach rooms and this helps I would like to make a bathroom like the hall room you made, I love the restaurant what great ideal, things fit so well together, and the new pillars will make me want to make a weathered barn room set like for animals and for a barn dance room and I could go on forever with ideal thank you so much ,

  8. CatHeart says:

    Awesome, Meacheal! (I can not spell)

  9. BeMyValentine says:

    Amazing job Michael! I love this idea – it is very creative.

  10. morris64 says:

    Nice, I like it. I actually voted for the hotel theme, but since it did not win; great alternative. I think I will use several of these items for my hotel.

    • Michelle08 says:

      I voted for the hotel theme too. I actually had made a room similar to the hotel room Micheal made using the theme when it was around before. I can’t wait for it to come back July 8th so I can add to my older room!

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