Let’s Build: CampKinz!

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Michael, Webkinz Creative Lead and Clubhouse room designer, is back with another Let’s Build video! This time he shows us how to build CampKinz and challenges us to upload our own Let’s Build videos on You Tube.


What other types of rooms do you think could be added to CampKinz? What type of room would you like Michael to build next? Please leave your comments below…


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170 Responses to Let’s Build: CampKinz!

  1. uytrewq14 says:

    he is playing on the old Webkinz.. oh, i miss the old webkinz so much!

  2. katrocks25 says:

    This is perfect! I go to summer camp, like, every summer. I’m sure those letters are from my pets. Anyways, i’m going to make my rooms like my summer camp.

  3. puppygirl9000 says:

    awesome thank you!

  4. fun752 says:

    I did mostly the same thing in the inside of the cabins, but I had a small room with 2 cots and a Campkinz Platform Tent that I kind of used as a counselor bed. I also used a few of the Dogbeard’s Best Side Tables instead of the beach house ones. They are basically lemon crates, and I turned them so the lemon sides were showing.

  5. Racoon3000 says:

    Why didn’t the camp kinz challenges ever appear for me? I never got to do them. Are they discontinued? The prizes look really cool.

  6. madki2 says:

    Hey Micheal! Love all these videos! Before I even watched this one, it was kind of cool because in one of my pets’ backyards I have my signature endangered red wolf’s psi (Backyard Getaway (it’s an awesome swing)) and then right in front of it I put the Campkinz Pool from the marshmellow collection event, so my pet swings, then jumps of the swing, bounces on the diving board, and splashes into the pool swimming. It was awesome how I saw the tire swing/pond setup, because I have something like it already.

  7. margaritadog says:

    I can not build my own cabin in the snow … help me, Michael!

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