NEW Prizes available on Webkinz Mobile!


Spin the Wheel of Wow on Webkinz Mobile for the chance to win great prizes for your pet!


Available May 14th – June 3rd:



The Honey Comb Tea, Rainbow Bubble Vest and Jar of Pickles can ONLY be won by playing the Wheel of Wow on Webkinz Mobile!


The Webkinz Mobile Pet app is now available for FREE on iTunes* … and on the Google Play Store**


31 Responses to NEW Prizes available on Webkinz Mobile!

  1. purplelurple says:

    I cant wait to get Webkinz Mobile! If only I would get off the couch to charge my tablet…

  2. 2000sleo says:

    I have all those new items except for the pickles so if u want to trade with me and are intereted in those items, friend me at 2000sleo to contact me.

  3. SPARKLE2014 says:

    Cute! I think the French toast looks yummy!

  4. ALeBron21 says:

    I’m sorry to say but i don’t really like any of the prizes. What about some prizes like mall credits for the game spree,farm frenzy,or a wish token. Also you either need to lower the token amount for the wish machine or make it easier to find them. Thats my reply I hope it helped – ALeBron21

  5. alllc says:

    I think you can buy the Fresh Skate Shoes at the KinzStyle Outlet. And, with the French Toast, you can buy a Simply Delicious Cookbook [Open up the W-Shop, go into "Fun Stuff" and hit "Books" and buy the Simply Delicious Cookbook, and place it in your room] and hit on a stove, and make it. I want the Rainbow Bubble Vest BADLY!! adara917, I think the Jar of Pickles is a decoration. P.S. Here’s the ingredients to the French Toast! What you’ll need: A stove, honey, eggs, bread. What to do: Click on your stove, drag and drop the honey, bread, and eggs on to your stove. When your finished, click on the “Cook” button. You will make French Toast! P.S. again! I’m sitting her with my 1 year old pupp named Ruby. Love you, Rubes!!

  6. ccaenine2 says:

    Ooh, I like the Rainbow Bubble Vest! Great lot of prizes!

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