Let’s Build: The Kinzville Academy!


Michael is back with another Let’s Build video! This time he builds 4 rooms that would be found in the Kinzville Academy! Watch Michael as he explains how to build a school gym, hallway, library and art class!



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84 Responses to Let’s Build: The Kinzville Academy!

  1. MittensCat says:

    Wow! Great job, it looks just like the library at my school! Keep up the great work! Meow!

  2. sparklebluestar says:

    I made my own Kinzville Academy, but it’s not like a school, more like, y’know, the KINZVILLE ACADEMY. In one corner I have Ms. Cowaline’s office, where I had a desk and those library shelves, but I also put a Ms. Cowaline Plushy on a tiny table behind the desk so it looks like she is sitting there. The rest of the room is a treadmill and Classroom Clock (it kinda looks like a timer on the wall) for speed, Cinema Ribbons and those arrow thingies from the Dance section for agility, easel and painting like in this video for art, long red carpet and Fashion Magazines (from the Wheel of Wow, Kinzcare) for Style, Vanity and Dresser for Grooming, Griddle and Stove/Oven for Cooking, Spring Fling Strength Tester and Dumbbell Weight Rack for Strength, Chalkboard with one of the white stools in Michael’s art class next to it for Intelligence, etc. Scattered about my room are Academy School Binders and other prizes from recess, along with Booger’s Counting Poster and Windows on the walls. I had that gray rug and the letter/loose leaf as my floor & walls, and overall, I think my Kinzville Academy looks stupendous!

  3. 3HappySmile says:

    Please, please, please can you make a spa room? Thank you! Love your room designs!

  4. rksovis2 says:

    where did you get the bookshelves?

  5. my9tail says:


  6. webkinzdogs says:

    You should build Zumwhere.

  7. ilikekodi says:

    Mike, are you a deluxe member?

  8. webkinzrockz131 says:

    you should build a snowy town square next!

  9. MIA04MAY says:

    so so so cool

  10. ilovewebkinz452 says:

    This video is so cool!

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