Let’s Draw: a Dog!


Join Webkinz Lead Artist Maurizio as he shows you how to draw a Webkinz Dog! Grab a pencil, marker and paper and draw along!



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74 Responses to Let’s Draw: a Dog!

  1. Millie_411 says:

    I really love the drawing!!

  2. katm says:

    This is such a cute one, with the dog and the bird. thank you.

  3. birthdaynovember says:

    i hope you do a hours or a zum :}

  4. RainbowDash716 says:

    I think next, he should draw a German Shepherd I love german shepherds

  5. littleheartbigbark says:

    Draw a wolf!! PLEASE?!

  6. princessmurr says:

    PANDAS, PANDAS, PANDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hln2004 says:

    Awesome! You know that your very talented!!! I cannot draw like that!!! But maybe you could draw a Flutter Pig,it is an extrordinary creature and it is the popular trend in Webkinz!!! Thanks!-Hope this helps,have a great day!!!!!!!!

  8. alicetherabbit2004 says:

    :O I WISH I COULD DO THAT! And I love his videos too! He’s sooo helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so,so,so,so,so,so creative.Unbelivable. :D

  9. shuggylay says:

    Wowee! I wouldn’t be able to draw this if I tried eleventy-seven times!

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