Limited Edition Plush!

What are they? How do you get them? Click the images to find out more!



39 Responses to Limited Edition Plush!

  1. rockinrassberry says:

    When you make one of these special babies, and buy the plush, does it come with a code for Webkinz Classic? Inquiring pet parents want to know!

  2. bammba3 says:

    This makes me sad, it was not the move @Ganz :’( the plush had more character before and were far more interesting because they were unique in the market, bring back webkinz original plush!

  3. Jazzpawzz says:

    They look SO cute, but remind me a lot of beanie boos. I’m kinda sad I won’t get them, I already am getting another Webkinz. I was wondering if it’s gonna be like how it was some years back where they would have Webkinz stuffed animals at any store and you didn’t have to spend 20+ dollars for a pet that used to be common. *:)

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