Look For The Leprechaun In The Clubhouse!

Lucky the Leprechaun is back in the Clubhouse… and it’s up to you to find him! If you see Lucky, click on him to earn a Jelly Coin! Make sure you’re quick… the Leprechaun only appears briefly before moving on to another room:     There are 6 Jelly Coins to collect in total. Don’t leave your search to last minute! The Leprechaun can be hard to find!     Collect all 6 Jelly Coins to win the Grand Prize: A Clover Topiary!     Have you managed to find Lucky? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…

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  1. Linny113 says:

    I sat and sat and sat in same room yesterday for an hour and a half yesterday and did not see him at all. Come on, please make him appear more often. We’ll never finish. Thanks.

    • animedreamer says:

      I used to sit in rooms for hours too thinking that eventually he would come to my room. But this year I think I have finally, maybe, figured out how this thing works. I used to think sitting in one room would work because I thought he just went down the line of rooms. He doesn’t. Lucky skips around and I figure this because I found him in one room, waited till he left, then visited the next room and he never showed. That leads me to think he does not go room by room, but consistently jumps around. Therefore, sitting in one room is a bad idea. I also roughly timed the amount time he spends in each room. He appears in each room for about 30 seconds and then moves on. So here’s what I have decided works best. Constantly be jumping rooms at least once every 30 sec. to 1 minute. I think this gives you a better chance at finding him. I usually am able to find him in 10 to 20 minutes using this strategy. Hope this helps someone!! ~Dream On

    • ytkachka says:

      I found them in 4 days. Try being in Daisy’s Diner right on the hour, especially the even hours (like 10:00, 12:00, 2:00) Don’t be late as the leprechaun stays only a minute. At the half hour, try being in the movie theater (like 10:30, 12:30, and so on). On the odd hours it seems to switch, start at the movie theater or the homespun snow room. You shouldn’t have to stay more than 10 minutes in those rooms. He’s shown up for me in those rooms with 10 minutes. Good luck.

  2. Ttgbird14 says:

    I finished it yesterday! It was my first chase

  3. hudzmom3 says:

    I hope someone is monitoring these comments because at this point we will never finish the challenge.

  4. Oops63 says:

    I have given up. Several hours of play over a few days and only 1 catch. This is a sneaky leprechaun.

    • megamom12 says:

      Are you staying in just one room? I’ve found that it is the best way to catch him. Just wait for him to come to you. I read books in the reading room, play games in the game room or do some cooking in the Diner.

  5. abcflower123 says:

    If you just stay put, he usually shows up, but if a pet is standing where he’ll appear, he won’t come into the room. He is near the stove in Daisy’s Diner and between the two medieval benches in the Doug’s Collector Room.

  6. navyard says:

    The clubhouse isn’t loading for me, I get the blue screen with the W sign. Is there a way to fix this?

  7. 4jamon says:

    WORST CHALLENGE EVER! It was fun for the first 10 minutes then it just became boring and frustrating.

  8. h8s2w8 says:

    It has been impossible for me to find him. I have had the chance to watch for him during the day and it made no difference. At a certain point it is no longer fun to chase the leprechaun; it becomes a chore and then it is no longer enjoyable.

    • 4jamon says:

      hi h8s2w8. sounds like you and i had the same experience. now i know why they offer the chance to buy the coins using estore points. they just want to make money when we can’t find the leprechaun.

    • popprock says:

      I absolutely agree. This year it was exhausting to try & find him. It wasn’t fun, it was frustrating. This was the most difficult search ever.

  9. Pupwolf says:

    The leprechaun does seem to be harder and take longer to find this year. Remember to turn on your volume so you can hear him announce his arrival. First I go to Daisy Doe’s kitchen and collect my food. If he’s not there, I go to Homespun Snow room and collect my apple porridge. If he’s not there I go to the game room and play a game of checkers. The leprechaun usually comes before I finish the game. Good luck all, he really does seem to be harder to catch. Once I saw him in the trading room but he was running around so fast I couldn’t click on him.

  10. 55LOVE55 says:

    Apparently from reading these comments there is something wrong with the search for the Leprechaun. I spent 30 minutes in the Kinz Air Airport of the Clubhouse ant the Leprechaun never showed. At that point I had had enough and gave up.

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