Look For The New Player Designed Room Theme At The WShop!


The Dino Days theme is here!


The new Dino Days theme was based on the designs of tigerlili5, the winner of our Room Theme Design Contest! Check out tigerlili5′s original awesome designs!




The new theme includes 12 incredible new items:


  • Dinosaur Dreams Bed
  • Stegosaurus Sofa
  • Triceratops Toy Box
  • Ankylosaurus Coffee Table
  • Spinosaurus Divider
  • Pterodactyl Wall Art
  • Diplodocus Dresser
  • Brontosaurus Rug
  • Hadrosaurus Standing Lamp
  • T-Rex Bookshelf
  • Velociraptor Side Table
  • Dino Beanbag Chair


Check out the Webkinz artists’ interpretations of tigerlili5′s designs and all of the awesome new items.



The Dino Days theme is here! Which item is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!



24 Responses to Look For The New Player Designed Room Theme At The WShop!

  1. himawari678 says:

    The greatest W Shop 2020′s theme ever! Amazing furniture.

  2. wingsfan65 says:

    FANTASTIC theme, tigerlili5! Many thanks to you (& the Webkinz design team) for coming up with all these great items :)

  3. bright1234 says:

    Put the Pterodactyl in my Observatory Wallpaper room with the starry night telescopes. Looks like the Space Creatures flying in outer space with the full moon. I am loving how cool it looks.

  4. KSC says:

    This theme is very cute! Congratulations to tigerlili5 and the Ganz team.

  5. Pineapple6 says:

    Check out the Decorations tab in the W Shop to find the New Jungle Flooring in Walls, and Jungle Flooring in Floors. They really complete the room!

  6. KarenaJ says:

    Full disclosure, I didn’t vote for this theme to win and it wasn’t even on my short list although I thought it was cute, but! WOW am I so super glad it WON! I have had a BLAST designing rooms with it!!! Thank you and a big congrats to tigerlili5, for realizing what I didn’t know I needed :D LOVE LOVE LOVE this theme! Great job ganz design team. This theme would also be really cool in Next. Excited for any and all future new additions as well!

  7. Duckcall says:

    Bought my first 3 pieces yesterday :)

  8. hiphophipposrule says:

    I have to admit that personally this was not a favorite theme from the choices given. However, now that it is here I absolutely love it! Congratulation tigerlili5!

  9. family2904 says:

    This is just tooo cute!! Great idea & artwork, tigerlili5. Great transfer & additions by th Ganz team, too!

  10. forestsprite says:

    yayay so fun :)

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