The 2024 Black Friday in MAY Sale is On Now at the Ganz eStore!

Did you know that there are amazing deals
happening, May 10-12, 2024, over at the eStore?


If you love the fantastic items and features on Webkinz World that are Deluxe, now’s a great time to upgrade to a Deluxe Membership! Why? Because until midnight May 12, 2024, you’ll receive 50% off your Deluxe Membership upgrade!


If you’ve had your eye on some great eStore swag, head over to Ganz eStore to learn more and swipe up some awesome deals!


Like a great deal on the Pet of The Month Club Subscription!


Or great Pet and item deals!


You may find these Black Friday In May deals and more at both W-Shop and Ganz eStore!


19 Responses to The 2024 Black Friday in MAY Sale is On Now at the Ganz eStore!

  1. leaveitnow41s says:

    I renewed my subscription which expires May21st. It didn’t generate my pet code but did generate a pet code for the Deluxe code I purchased for my friend. Guess I’ll wait and see what happens when my new year starts.

  2. Slinkykinz says:

    Very disappointing black friday. was hoping for points sales and deals on Next. :(

  3. persian says:

    Yes. Very disappointing that there is nothing for Next and Webkinz did nothing for Mother’s Day this year. Wow. :(

  4. buski11 says:

    Not that great. Nothing for Next, no estore points, no gem orfairy/emoji storage, no diamond deals, nothing for next

  5. kadielle says:

    I would like some rarer or points pets!!

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