Magical Forest Slide Available Now!


The Webkinz 2019 Super Deluxe Item is now out! The Super Deluxe Item is free with every 1 Year Webkinz Deluxe Membership purchased during 2019. This year’s Super Deluxe Item is the Magical Forest Slide designed by Blue57star!

Plus from January 2 to 31, 2019, every 1 Year Deluxe Membership purchased will also come with a special new Fairy Buddy, Ivy! Visit Ganz eStore for more information on how to get the 2019 Super Deluxe Item!


36 Responses to Magical Forest Slide Available Now!

  1. pleaseletmejoin says:

    I’m currently on a 3 month Deluxe subscription, how do I upgrade to a yearly subscription?

  2. Blue57Star says:

    When i was contacted after the winner was announced i was told that once the item was available i would receive another email with a code for the item. as of yet i haven’t received one. I just want to check that it hasn’t gone missing somewhere.

  3. queenguinevere says:

    How do we get our free Flutter Cow? I purchased the 50% off Deluxe membership on 1/1/19 and received the slide (and thought I would get Fairy Buddy Ivy too but apparently misread it). I checked my estore account, and there’s no code or anything. Help! And Happy New Year everyone!

  4. sidknee23 says:

    I have repeatedly tried to purchase a 50% Deluxe membership today – and with every attempt – I get the same “error” message – “Sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found…” I’m really frustrated. And it seems as though others are having similar issues. Any chance we can get an extension for the discount? I’ve been with Webkinz nearly since its inception – it would be really nice to get a break for the Deluxe renewal! Thank you.

  5. alucard says:

    I got a New Year’s Day present from my hubby! He got me the half price Deluxe for one year! I was so excited! He knew how much I wanted to try Deluxe for at least one year. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it, but I will enjoy playing it during 2019. To all my sweet Deluxe friends on my account, I thank you for sending me Deluxe items in 2018. I will pay it forward to my Webkinz friends who are not Deluxe. Don’t worry, I won’t forget my sweet Deluxe friends either! And, thank you Ganz for having this half-price Deluxe sell. I couldn’t have got it with out it being half-price. :-) Wishing everyone a most Happy and Blessed 2019! Peace!

    • LuckyFinnigan says:

      You give that guy a HUGE HUG! My Gosh, how many of us would wish our guys would give us the gift of Deluxe for a year! That’s gotta be worth his favorite meal and dessert ;)

      • alucard says:

        Thank you, LuckyFinnigan! He is a treasure, that’s for sure! :-) Happy New Year to you! Friend me if you wish, I’m farout1. Just tell me here what your username is so I will know it’s you. :-)

  6. Quilter says:

    I never seem to get the super deluxe item with my deluxe purchase. I always have to call and request it. Same this year.

  7. Angelwriter7 says:

    I keep trying to buy a Deluxe membership while they are half price but it won’t let me checkout and there is no one the office when you call for customer support.

    • mysecrett says:

      Each year on Black Friday I purchase a Deluxe Membership and almost each year their site won’t work to process my purchase so I have to email or call the following business day and their always really nice and help me out. So don’t worry, if you call them on the next business day and tell them about the trouble you were having they’ll probably still allow you to purchase at the half price offer.

    • SuSuLei2018 says:

      I had a difficult time myself. I tried many things. What worked for me was putting in the promotion code in small lettering NO caps on any letters. Before that I tried Caps on the first letter of each word and caps on all letters. Changed credit cards. Rechecked what I was typing in. Re-tried hours later. It’s deceiving from the advertising that it’s in ALL caps and what worked for me was the exact opposite. It might be a known fact for more experienced members. I hope my trial and error works for you.

    • AndyB says:

      Keep trying, I have the same problem but got two deluxes purchased today.

  8. gml1939 says:

    Does anyone know how long the Flutter Cow will be the free pet that comes with the 1 year Deluxe Membership? Would be nice if we had an option of 2 or even 3 pets to choose from like they offer with estore point sales at times.

  9. angelnapier says:

    GREAT JOB on this item Blue57star. It’s awesome. You should be very proud of this accomplishment.

  10. LovesStaffordshires says:

    Wish I could get that adorable fairy buddy. Pittiesrule

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