Winterfest Starts Today!



Winterfest begin today, January 1st, and you won’t want to miss a thing! Click on a button below to find our what you can win during this event:





What do you think of this year’s prizes? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…


31 Responses to Winterfest Starts Today!

  1. monsterhighrules323 says:

    January 5th, I’m not seeing flakes at all–is anyone else having this problem? I’ve been on for over an hour

  2. cvasko says:

    it’s Sat. Jan. 5 no snowflakes can I find been on webkinz from 7-11:30 AM.

  3. Amygirl113 says:

    I’m finding them about like I normally do on the floaty clickys – about every 5-6-7-8 min. With my old lady eyes, I am seeing the light color snowflakes alot better with the Kizville Map up instead of in a room or elsewhere. That green and dark green background seems to help me see them fly by. Good luck, everyone.

  4. dawnshome says:

    Same here, no snowflakes

  5. dawnshome says:

    Not seeing any snowflakes, I have been on for 2 hours!

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