Mazin’ 101

What’s YOUR favorite part of Mazin’ Run?

Mazin’ Run is a 3D maze running game in Webkinz Next, inspired by Mazin’ Hamsters.

Navigate your pet through the maze, collecting coins along the way, and reach the finish line before you run out of time.

Complete all ten levels of Easy or Medium difficulty and earn a trophy.


Complete all ten levels of Hard and win a rolling bubble for your pet, just like in the game!

We love Mazin’ Run for its challenging courses, relaxing music and gorgeous scenery. What is YOUR favorite thing about Mazin’ Run?



Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



55 Responses to Mazin’ 101

  1. nala1994 says:

    Webkinz should just bring back Mazin’ Hamsterz altogether. Too many people want it back to not to. I personally never had a chance to play it.

  2. leaveitnow41s says:

    ugh. I don’t think I’ll ever get the ball. Just now getting the hang of the trampoline!

  3. booreeves says:

    My favorite thing about the Mazing hamster is the obstacles like the tree and the rock and I also like the hamster ball,but the thing I don’t like is the Trampoline. I hate the Trampoline because when you jump there’s a side that moves and you go to the sides.

  4. snuggles56100 says:

    please make mazin hamsters a seperate game!! i miss it

  5. bosco2nd says:

    can these trophys be sent to classic webkinz?

  6. Catthered says:

    I didn’t realize Mazin’ Hamsters was having a comeback. Lol. It was one of my favorite things about Webkinz back in the day. RIP my old account that had way too many pets.

  7. chinagirltoo says:

    This is giving me Amazing Hamster vibes.

  8. 100dogs says:

    I have won the game on all the levels. My favorite part is tricking the puffer fish that try to bump you. I like it when there is a wall and they do not bump me but they hit the wall. Since there are normally 2 puffer fish that go at me the first you see the second when you turn it try to bump you and you do not see. Not sure if it is just for me. Anyway that is my favorite part when i miss the purple puffer fish. If you where wondering where the purple puffer fish is in. you can find it in the hard and medium it launches from a cannon.

    • rachelgirl192 says:

      I had no idea it is a fish. But how do you trick it?

      • 100dogs says:

        So you can only trick it after you missed it the first time. Most of the time the cannon shoots another puffer fish for example ”you just turned and you see a cannon. This cannon shoots puffer fish at you. It shoots in the middle. You move to a different lane. If you have a left turn up ahead so you go to the left lane. If you have a right turn up ahead then stay on the right lane and if you have a choice of both a left and a right turn up go ahead pick one that you think is right and turn. Then after you turned the 2ed puffer fish which you do not see behind you sometimes you do see it if it hits you or misses you. You turn right. After you turned you find yourself in the left lane move to the middle or the right. If you find you are in the middle lane move to the right lane or the left lane and if you are in the right lane move to the middle or left lane. You have to be quick so after you have turned continue as normal. This one is for if you see a tree after you missed the first puffer fish. After you have turned and missed the first puffer fish and you see a tree that has wood planks and after you pass it as QUICKLY AS YOU CAN you move to another lane right after you pass it and this is my FAVORITE PART you might see the puffer fish hit the tree and is not fallowing you anymore continue as normal ” So now i will try to explain some things. Yes the puffer fish does fallow you but only for a limited amount of distance. Anytime you have a turn and you turn the puffer fish will go off the path. Lets say you have a long path with no turns for a while the puffer fish WILL NOT fallow you all the way the puffer fish will disappear soon after. If the puffer fish DOES HIT YOU it will give a boost but you can not control it and is best to avoid hitting the puffer fish. If you where wondering where is the puffer fish and why have i not seen it. I can try to tell you where the puffer fish is. It is in the medium and hard there are none in easy. In the medium i think it appears in level 8 9 or 10 when the puffer fish first appears it may be in the fallowing levels ahead. I know for sure that on level 7 of hard the puffer fish appears and may be in the fallowing levels. This is sort of confusing i can try to make it more clear if you need. I hope this helps :)

      • crystalfawns53 says:

        I have not found a way to trick it, but just as the purple puffer fish is fired, have your pet shift to the right or left side of the trial (not turning left or right) and that is usually the best way to avoid them. Sadly, they do find a way to hit you from behind and that’s really hard to avoid.

        • 100dogs says:

          Yes you have to first avoid the first one. I usually do what you just said. In the text above. I was trying to say how to avoid the 2ed puffer fish that usually shoots after you have passed the first puffer fish. When you turn and have passed the 1st puffer fish. Most of the time it will shoot another one after you have turned . So lets say you are in the left lane after you have turned and the 2ed puffer fish is behind you it will go in that lane and hit you but it can only move 1 lane. So what you could do is when you are in one lane and the puffer fish is behind you wait a second and then move lane QUICKLY and if you do this right it should not hit you. You may see the puffer fish pass you and off the trail and then you continue as normal. If you instead see a tree up ahead after you have missed the first puffer fish and have trued stay in the middle lane and when you are about to hit the tree move as fast as you can to another lane so you do not hit the tree and then the puffer fish does hit the tree and stops fallowing you. That is how i trick it. I can not trick it for the first puffer fish but i CAN for the 2ed. I hope this made it a little easier to understand.

    • booreeves says:

      I can help you guys out with the puffer fish because I tricked on the medium level and here’s how I trick the puffer fish, First I wait to see where the Canon is and then before it shoots the puffer fish I lean on the l side or right side before I turn and after the puffer fish is gone then I let go of the lean button and turn fast, but I still get hit by the puffer fish behind me, but make sure what direction you going before you turn, but if there’s a tree wait for the puffer fish and try to go fast. I hope that will work out for you guys.

  9. hiphophipposrule2007 says:

    I really like the game but have not been able to make it across where there is a trampoline. So far my favorite part is turning the corners!

  10. leaveitnow41s says:

    Still haven’t made it to the end; even on easy. I am starting to get the hang of trampolines. Maybe someday I’ll get the easy trophy. It’s a cute game and I’d love to get good enough to score that hamster ball.

    • DashietheCloudSheep says:

      dude me neither i have NO idea how other people can do this well

      • 100dogs says:

        It does take a lot of time to get used to it. I was not good at ALL the first time i tried it i could not get passed the 1st level on easy but after a lot of time doing it i got used to it. If you are having trouble with the trampolines try to jump at the LAST second before you fall off the trail that way you do make it to the other side. It does take some time to be able to time it just right.

    • crystalfawns53 says:

      Something that I found that has helped is to have the keys on the screen and click on the shifting right or left key while using a spacebar to jump. It takes a lot of practice, but once you get a hang of the timing, I think it will definitely help.

    • 100dogs says:

      You probably know this you have to do 10 levels for hard to get the ball. 10 levels on medium to get the trophy and 10 levels on easy to get a another trophy as well. you do not have to do all 30 levels to get the hamster ball. Only the levels 10 in hard.

    • 100dogs says:

      You probably know this you have to do 10 levels for hard to get the ball. 10 levels on medium to get the trophy and 10 levels on easy to get a another trophy as well. you do not have to do all 30 levels to get the hamster ball. Only the levels 10 in hard. I put this on the wrong one that is why there are 2.

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