Meet the Finalists – Day 2

Although voting doesn’t start until April 29, today we introduce you to four more of the finalists in our vote for the Greatest Webkinz!


You can see all of the 32 pets on our list here. And remember to join us every day starting April 29 to cast your votes in the search for the Greatest Webkinz!


Cheeky Cat

Made in limited quantities during the early days of Webkinz, players were clamoring to collect every plush pet. The Webkinz Cheeky Cat became very hard to find, and was soon commanding an extremely high price on the collectibles market. As one of the most valuable Webkinz ever made, the Cheeky Cat also ranks as one of the best Webkinz Pets ever!


Rockerz Lion

Rock on with the totally rad Rockerz Lion! The only member of the Rockerz line in the competition, the Lion brings a rockstar flair and super-fun items (including their own Leather Jacket, Boots, Bandanna and more) to the contest. It loves being center stage!



The Webkinz Googles was the very first plush pet ever created for Webkinz World, but wasn’t released until a year later. The first line of Webkinz Googles weren’t even branded with a Magic W! But now Googles have one truly become of the best Webkinz Pets ever!


Signature Timber Wolf

When we were putting together a list of the Greatest Webkinz, we knew the Signature Timber Wolf had to run with the pack! Fans still howl for this Wolf with its sleek coat and majestic bearing but sightings of it are rare.

110 Responses to Meet the Finalists – Day 2

  1. whistlewishes1 says:

    Googles always going with the webkinz origanal

  2. doodlebug72898 says:

    Rockerz Lion all the way!!!

  3. FunnyKinz says:

    Love the Timber Wolf – my fav of these 4!

  4. cspelllings says:

    Go Googles!! XD

  5. drtolli says:

    googles please

  6. butterfly7 says:

    Tough decision. I would put Googles and Timber Wolf at top spot.

  7. fans44 says:

    Rockerz Lion is the cutest.

  8. JCISMYBFF says:

    Signature timber wolf and cheeky cat, I vote for.

  9. Dungeon_Master says:

    Yes, Happy Earth Day every one! Though, I am but one day late….none the less! I bet Art_Magician wand that wonderful wand of his to clear of a nearby creek! We should all work to make the world a better place, after all, who wants to end up passing-away in a dirty nasty world when they know that there was something they could do about it. Here say, in about 10-15 more years, our population will probably dwindle by an increasing amount because of all the smog and smuck we do in order to get better technology!!!!! >:(

  10. rocohoneypie says:

    oh! i forgot it was Earth day!! oops….HAPPY EARTH DAY TO THE PPL THAT DID NOT FORGET!!

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