Meet the Mayor At The Kinzville Park!



UPDATE: If you are having trouble finding your Mayor Goober KinzCash Coins, you are not alone! We are aware that there is an issue with the coins disappearing from your Dock, but this will be fixed with our next update on March 15. Any Mayor Goober KinzCash Coins you have collected from Goober will reappear in your Dock following the update. Go Science!


Mayor Goober is handing out gifts at the Kinzville Park. From March 1 – 8, click on Goober to get a gift daily. Drag the gift into your room to open it. There are four souvenirs to collect:



Visit Goober every day for the best chance to collect all four souvenirs.


Which prize did you win today? Let us know in the comment section below…



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25 Responses to Meet the Mayor At The Kinzville Park!

  1. gwenjane2 says:

    The mini chocolate egg seeds do not grow- no message when you click on them.

  2. mimi1960 says:

    goober isnt giving out coins…the leprachaun is

  3. cowtown2 says:

    thank you goober so nice to meet you, thank your for taking the time to come visit us in the park i know your job is demanding, like you miss birdy always working hard thank you host we love to meet you always. hint a goober hat would be so cool for my pet hint hint

  4. funlion45 says:

    Will the seed storage shed be released again as a deluxe prize or for purchase??

  5. cowtown2 says:

    wow i haven’t even got one yet or no glasses thanks I have plushies and picture’s only thanks for letting me know, hi everyone have a great week, thanks webkinz for everything,

    • kittycat1999 says:

      Hi cowtown2, If you send me a friend request I’ll send you the glasses (if you want) my user name is bunnyrabbit1999. I got multiple glasses and the picture, no coin or plushie. Have a great day.

      • cowtown2 says:

        ok I will send you a request, you don’t have a plushy ok, good to meet you, you have a great day to. I will go and send request today Wednesday, from me, i love to play classic so nice to meet others that play classic, that’s why i think going back to the park is so awesome it was so fun during like snowflakes falling we can set and talk and watch for the snowflake’s to fall.

      • cowtown2 says:

        did you get my request yesterday, if you did i will send you a post card first, i hope you got it, i wish that when i meet people in the clubhouse my pet request would work is it just me, or can everyone add friends in the clubhouse rooms, I try to add don’t work never has i think since the change over, but i have others ask me in rooms I have to wait till they do, and then we are friends thank you my long time classis friends and my new next i cant play next for some reason, i get to play like maybe a day or to after an update, now its a blank page all the time no connection, i hope to get a device i can play both games on, love webkinz i have so much fun thank you webkinz thank you ganz and all the pets i meet they truly are great kinz in each room, have a great weekend, all have fun hope your day is blessed.

    • abmol says:

      i have some glasses if u need them

      • cowtown2 says:

        thank you so nice of you to, webkinz is so great so many awesome friends i have thank you webkinz for everything you do for us, we have allot of fun, and meet so many cool pets and can design great rooms, that Michael shows me hint lol, mine are ok but those are so cool, cant wait to see who wins, i love the new designs that was sent in, i love them all,

  6. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    The eyebrows are missing on the plush ;-;

  7. annm2990 says:

    haimat2019, I also had some troubles March 1st and 2nd- where no prizes arrived, but today I got Goober glasses and they are cool!! Good luck getting it fixed.

  8. haimat2019 says:

    Every time i open one of Goober’s gifts, it says i won a goober coin but shows something completely different in my dock. Then the game logs me out right away and i come back to no prize at all :( after opening 4 gifts all that shows up is 1 goober poster. VERY disappointed

  9. hiphophipposrule2007 says:

    I got the Goober glasses!

  10. Zooooooz says:

    I won a Goober coin :)

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