Room Theme Design Winner Announced!

The Webkinz community has spoken! While all of the finalists’ submissions were fantastic, we are excited to announce that the winning theme that will be added to the Classic WShop later this year is…



Congratulation w5uihf! Great work! You and the other finalists can look for a message at the email associated with your GanzWorld account by the end of this week, March 10, 2023.


We can’t wait to see the beautiful Regency Theme come to life in Webkinz Classic!

46 Responses to Room Theme Design Winner Announced!

  1. KSC says:

    Congratulations w5uihf! Awesome job with this theme! I look forward to decorating with it.

  2. cowtown2 says:

    congratulations i love this theme, i really wish i had this in my real life room, so very well thought out and the detail, I’m so glad you won, i couldn’t decide on just one i had a few favorites but yours did stick out great job, keep on creating, love to see more things to come, maybe you can get a chance to add a piece each year to this theme, even an exclusive hint .

  3. nanakinz5 says:

    Awesome!! Congrats, w5uihf!! Can’t wait! :D

  4. snuggles565 says:


  5. EmeraldSwan_591 says:

    Congratulations w5uihf! I can’t wait to see this theme in the Wshop later this year.

  6. Wingsfan65 says:

    Congratulations to w5uihf for the great theme idea, and to all the contestants! I think this new theme might mesh nicely with the Victorian Mansion theme from NEXT (since we can send those items from NEXT to Classic)!

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