Meet the Mayor at the Kinzville Park Today!

I’m here! Please stop by and see me at Kinzville Park! I’ll be here until July 28, and you just know how I love to see you guys!


I’m handing out gift boxes once a day! Inside is a random prize – you can see them all below!


So be sure to visit the Park every day between now and July 28 to make sure you get your gift box!


I’m waiting for you in the Park!

So fab. So fun.




16 Responses to Meet the Mayor at the Kinzville Park Today!

  1. Springshimmer says:

    Ahh, nice… I’m not sure if I can get all these prizes… But I do hope to receive most of them!

  2. lemony says:

    Very cool! And with the new desktop app….no more worrying about ad block

  3. librarianandrea says:

    Will the Series 3 Growing Seeds Mystery Box be sold another day? I went for Deluxe Wednesday last week but they were unavailable to purchase. I saw the note that they weren’t working at the time and would work after the July 31st maintenance. I was hoping to buy some today and save them until then, but they aren’t there at all.

    • nettne2 says:

      i think we have to wait until wednesday because it is a deluxe wednesday item. I was hoping they are there too. everyone should have a opportunity to buy the seeds since they are part of the “series” of seeds. paws crossed we get to buy them

    • mirforbjs says:

      I did see the Series 3 Growing Seeds box in the “Promotional Offers” category on Monday, but there was only a note saying it will be available on Tuesday, August 13th. So mark your calendars! :)

  4. Rocky5465 says:

    My favorite is the License Plate because its different! But you always gotta love the cute plushies! The Ribbon Cutting Scissors is also a cute new addition, I’m excited to open my boxes! ^-^

  5. pompom323 says:

    yay!! this looks so fun!! I hope I get the souvenir plate :) -pompoms

  6. MysticKH says:

    mine is not working i will try again later

    • MysticKH says:

      working just rebooted my pc

    • BeezKneez says:

      I got Sophie’s gift early this morning without a problem. Did you see her in the park? If you did see her, try moving your pet to the front of Sophie before clicking on her – that always works for me. What browser do you use? I use Chrome or the new desktop app and it always works for me- good luck!

      • Rocky5465 says:

        Yes, sometimes if you click in a certain area it won’t register as you clicked her, you may need to move out of the entrance of the park and then try, or as BeezKneez said, click in front of her, and that should do the trick! ^-^

  7. KSC says:

    Hi Mayor Sophie! See you soon!

  8. 1miruna says:

    I like and I hope to receive 3 Parade Barrier.

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