Meet the Pet Buddy Finalists!

We had another crop of AMAZING submissions in our 2021 Pet Buddy Design Contest! It’s so hard to narrow down the list to ten – let alone choose one! That’s why we need your help!


As always, the final decision is up to the Creative Dept. at Webkinz, but we want to get your feedback in a vote later this week. When we are selecting finalists, we try not to judge on a designer’s artistic skill level, but on the concept and how we think the idea could be interpreted by our artists to become a Pet Buddy in Webkinz. Please keep that in mind when considering which design you plan to vote for.



The winner will have their design turned into a virtual Pet Buddy in Webkinz Classic which will be available for Points at Ganz eStore in the autumn!

Pet Buddy

The grand prize winner will receive a Pet Design Trophy, the winning Pet Buddy, plus 3 months of Deluxe Membership. And all ten finalists will each receive a Summer Super Mystery Bag – courtesy of Ganz eStore!


109 Responses to Meet the Pet Buddy Finalists!

  1. elysebear123 says:

    Firefly … please make it blink !!!

  2. radish35 says:

    Still wish I could sell pet buddies back to the W Shop.

  3. Weezer says:

    That Umbrella Penguin is too cute! I would love to have it for my buddy! Thank you Chickennuggetsrus for a great design. Good luck to all!

  4. luckygoat says:


  5. cardinal4562 says:

    Although I would enjoy having any of these great ideas as a pet buddy, Ladybug and Robot Robin are my two favorites.

  6. threehounds says:

    frozenanna I saw your pictures and the one I liked the most was the soda can, it’s so adorable. Your friends frozenelsa5 and babyreeree did a great job too with their pictures.

  7. Ajoy65 says:

    Congratulations everyone! These are some pretty great ideas. I’m really loving the Water Sprite/Nymph. So Cute! Ajoy65 :)

  8. harevister1 says:

    Congratulations to all of the finalists. I like the Lady Bug, Bright Idea, Tooth Fairy, Fire Fly, Robot Robin a great deal. All of these are novel ideas for pet buddies. It’s hard to choose.

  9. Whatusername4 says:

    I love the Bright Idea, the Firefly, and the Kite Buddy but they are all so good!

  10. webkinz57fun says:

    Wonderfully creative! Question on ‘buddies”. Didn’t we get a buddy storage item? What was it, and did they ever get the glitch solved (where you couldn’t get the buddies out of the storage item)? Thanks!!!

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