Meet the Pet Design Contest Finalists!

Once again the Webkinz community has blown us away with their creativity! There were even some plush submissions which we showcase on our upcoming Podkinz.  Be sure to watch and check out the amazing artistry!



It was tough to narrow down the many, many submissions we had to just 10 finalists but after much deliberation, we’ve selected 10 wonderful designs for our shortlist. One of these designs will be made into a virtual Webkinz Classic pet which will be sold in Ganz eStore and the WShop starting on Webkinz Day, April 29, 2023.



While the final decision will be up to the Creative Team at Classic, we will be taking your input into account when we make our choice. Check out the finalists below and watch Webkinz Newz next week for your chance to vote for your favorite.



Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry and good luck to the 10 finalists!


131 Responses to Meet the Pet Design Contest Finalists!

  1. gauford says:

    Oh my gosh, these are all SO good. Congrats to all the finalists! Everyone did an amazing job. I’m especially fond of the card deck rabbit. So creative! Hopefully I can enter the next pet design contest when I have more time to draw up all the ideas I’ve had in my head for a while. For now, good luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing a new pet around Webkinz World. :)

  2. genren1 says:

    These are all sooo good! I love them all. This is gonna be a tough one.

  3. DebbieWebbie59 says:

    Congratulations to the finalists, this is a hard choice to make since there is more than one that I would like to see win. Wish we could get all of them as a new pet of the month. That would be awesome.

  4. jpeat says:

    Let’s go Borzoi! These all look great

  5. oceansodaz says:

    THE BORZOI! I get the joke, super amazing submissions!

  6. NanaZaza says:

    What amazing talent! There are six of them I’d love to adopt!

  7. rose9008 says:

    Oh please please please do the air fawn! Makes me wonder why we don’t have one already…It would be so amazing to complete the set!! Please – I think I’ll go crazy if a different one gets chosen for that reason!

  8. Beckinz8 says:

    Complete the set! Long overdue, imo. Then it can be like all of the iterations of Eevee and we can wind up with 8. LOL! I also love that Japanese flying squirrel and would love to have one irl. Thank you Meleh01 and Forestsprite! Congrats to all of the finalists who were selected for this contest! Best of luck to the Creative Team who will somehow have to select just one. I do not envy you one bit!

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