Meet the Signature Harp Seal!


When a water rescue is called for, no one would make a more valuable member of the Rescue Team than the Harp Seal! After a hard day of rescuing pets in need, there is nothing this pet enjoys more than its PSF, a Flounder ¼ Pounder. And when it’s not working, the Harp Seal could entertain fellow team members with a tune on its PSI, the Icy Arctic Organ – which will look fabulous next to one of the exclusive items from the Signature Room Theme that comes with each Signature Pet.


Maybe the Harp Seal will put its bonus Wish Token toward a Campkinz Pool, but one thing is for sure, this skilled swimmer is sure to be a valuable member of the team!

Signature Beaver
To add them to your team, you can find the Signature Harp Seal and other Signature Pets at Ganz eStore and in the W Shop.


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  1. migrubbs says:

    I got this seal and named him Kotick after the white seal from Chuck Jones’ The White Seal

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