Meet the Winners!


We are so excited to announce the winners of our Share Center Contest to design the PSI and PSF for the the new White Cosmic Wolf, designed by fan kaceymusgraves.


The winners will have their designs made into a virtual item & food in Webkinz World which will come with each Cosmic Wolf. The winner will also each get a code for the virtual Webkinz White Cosmic Wolf when it is complete, and all 10 PSI finalists and all 10 PSF finalists will each receive a 2019 Summer Clothing Mystery Bag!


We read your comments, and discussed it among the team and the two winning designs are:







Congratulations to Iheartaardvarks12345 and Megapoot! Winners and all finalists – look for a message at the email account associated with your GanzWorld account by end of day Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

33 Responses to Meet the Winners!

  1. Welshgirls2 says:

    When will this pet be out?

  2. PuppyPaws2236 says:

    Maybe Webkinz should make both the White Cosmic Wolf and the White Cosmic Bear as medallion pets (or not)

  3. Iheartaardvarks12345 says:

    Aaah–congrats finalists and Megapoot! You all did great!

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