Design a Classroom! Share Center Contest

School’s back and teachers at the Academy have been busy preparing their classrooms for the new school year! We want to see YOUR classrooms!


Between September 1 and 30, submit a screenshot of your design for a classroomin the Classroom Gallery in the Share Center to be entered into a random draw for one of ten Back to School Bags courtesy of Ganz eStore.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into your Webkinz account and design a classroom in one of your pets’ rooms.
  2. Use the screenshot function – the purple camera icon in the top left corner – in your pet’s room to take a screenshot of your classroom design.
  3. Submit your screenshot to the Classroom Design Gallery in the GanzWorld Share Center.
  4. Keep your fingers crossed until October 4 when we will be announcing the ten randomly-selected winners.


Please note: while you may submit more than one room design, entries in the random draw are limited to one per person.


20 Responses to Design a Classroom! Share Center Contest

  1. momijidoll1 says:

    Hi. I submitted my designs on the 23rd September and haven’t had an email to confirm that my design have been submitted so I was just wondering how long it normally takes and if I should resubmit them?

  2. OliviaGraceParra says:

    I already submitted a kindergarten classroom design in July. Would it be okay for me to submit a design of a special needs class or would it be too controversial? I got silenced in the trade room after saying that I needed items to make a special needs classroom and I did not mean anything bad. My cousin has special needs and I thought my idea would be interesting since many of the classroom designs look like mainstream classrooms.

    • 73kibarry says:

      I personally think that is a great idea!

      • RGS2009 says:

        yes i agree! but what could go wrong with that idea????

        • OliviaGraceParra says:

          I honestly think it’s a cool idea. It’s something different. People just now view the term “special needs” as offensive as the R word because edgelords love to use it as an insult/joke. It’s really sad. I think someone misunderstood what I said in the trade room and reported me for hate-speech.

          • xxmgn says:

            I am sorry to hear that. Maybe name it something different? After school extra help class, or Extra help class or something like that hope that helps. I know people take things so out of context and turn something innocent into something that is not it is happening a lot more often these days

  3. behe123 says:

    When will be next Share Center contest opened for everybody?

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