Megachinewich: Secret Recipe Revealed!



Looking to make a sandwich that’s really geared towards your pet’s hunger? Here’s one with very little assembly required!


When you combine the following 3 ingredient foods on any sandwich maker, you’ll be able to construct this towering treat!


Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Burger
  • Hot Dog
  • Tacos



Want to know another sandwich maker Secret Recipe? Check out our earlier article here!


How many recipes have you solved? Let us know in the comments below!


89 Responses to Megachinewich: Secret Recipe Revealed!

  1. heartpower59 says:

    I want to know the watermelon bottoms!

  2. Queen says:

    I didn’t know this was a secret cuz I’ve known this for like eternity ~*Queen*~

  3. treegirl3002 says:


  4. prprprprp says:

    I already knew this one…

    • playnowpuppy says:

      Yeah oh well . . .

      • prprprprp says:

        Yeah…well, here is a recipe you might not know! I figured it out myself! Here it is: it’s called: Nebulumyum! To make it, use Goober’s Galactic Gumball, Unidentified Frying Omelet, and Syzyglorbit! (it’s a Super Chef Stove recipe) And now, to make Goober’s Galactic Gumball, use Honey, Orange, and Pumpkin. To make Unidentified Frying Omelet, use Eggs, Nacho Chips, and Tomato. And finally, to make Syzyglorbit, use Candy Apple, Pickle, and Orange. There! Try it, it’s really cool! :D (tell me if you already knew, it, I will post a different recipe that maybe you DON’T know!)

        • playnowpuppy says:

          Hi prprprprp thanks for the recipes the only one I knew was Goober’s Galactic Gumball recipe! I made the others too thanks again prprprprp :)

          • playnowpuppy says:

            I mean I didn’t know the others but I tried them and they worked :)

          • playnowpuppy says:

            and I just figured out this recipe today It’s called Gladdugrumble wich Is made on the stove! Just use Conrn Flake cereal + Honey + Root Beer= Gladdgrumble :) It boost your pet’s health up a ton!!!!!!!

          • prprprprp says:

            What are you talking about…?

          • playnowpuppy says:

            I’m talking about a recipe I learned on Webkinz! It’s called Gladdgrumble :) Thanks again for the food recipes :)

  5. Borntoplay says:

    this is a good recipe it really fills my pet up but i already knew it (here is a recipe mix ice cream, peppermints, and rice and put it in a stove but be careful it does not ROLL away) and here is a another put blueberries, waffles, and cupcake in a stove

  6. spookythelavadragon says:

    All these recipes your showing us we already know. Their is a site that shows nearly every single recipe known to webkinz. Its been years since I’ve visited that site but yeah. I think you guys should make NEW food instead of showing us these ones we already know.

  7. rocketpower says:

    hey webkinz members if you can send me some moon berrie seeds i will send some rare items like super beds or tvs and stuff like that ps my username is frogert4 to send me stuff thanks ganz

  8. meEcho22 says:

    I had many ideas for it.

  9. meEcho22 says:

    I really want to know the neon tutu sooooo much!

  10. playnowpuppy says:

    Oh thanks kinz I actually already figured out this recipe but still thanks It takes my pets health up a ton! I love crazy recipes altho some people like plain recipes I say the crazier the better! Thats what makes It so fun :) P.S. Dear kinz, I’ve heard a lot of people would like to learn the Neon Tu tu recipe for the clothing machine and I want to too so maybe that could be the next recipe revealed!

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