Mermazing Hippo to the Rescue!


Sophie thought the new recipes for the Adventure Scout Cookbook were lost forever. The winter wind blew them out of her canoe and into the icy river. There’s no way she’d be able to retrieve them.
But then a valiant volunteer stepped up!
The new Mermazing Hippo is an excellent diver and they told Sophie they would be happy to try and find the recipes. It’s a long shot but it’s worth a try! If anyone can find those Adventure Scout Recipes, it’s the Mermazing Hippo!

22 Responses to Mermazing Hippo to the Rescue!

  1. sweetmeggiepoo says:

    Wonderful News! Thanks to both of you, & to the Mermazing Hippo for stepping up to help out! Now we can all enjoy great new recipes :)

  2. kmade15 says:

    Thank you for helping Mermazing Hippo!!

  3. KSC says:

    Wonderful! Thank you to the Mermazing Hippo for helping out!

  4. monsterhighrules323 says:

    So cute! I hope she finds them!

  5. adem123 says:

    Yay, thank you and great job to both of you! I can’t wait to make the new recipes.

  6. allex123 says:

    Thank you Mermazing Hippo for helping Sophie! :)

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