Moonlight Delight 2020 Promotion!



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50 Responses to Moonlight Delight 2020 Promotion!

  1. bluebassett says:

    When will we find out the Winners?

  2. CoachM says:

    Is the ONLY way to get the dragon by winning? Can you not purchase him? I want one so badly.

  3. migrubbs says:

    On the email, the prizes only show the moonlight bear instead of the dragon.

    • Sky_Cravens says:

      Dose this mean that they can change all the prizes without notifying us? “The Grand Prize must be accepted as awarded. Sponsor reserves the right in its sole discretion to substitute the Grand Prize for prize component of equal or greater value.”

  4. meggy124124 says:

    How can we see what our entries are at? I just went deluxe but it never said I got those entries

  5. Annabell108 says:

    How can we see what email is connected to our Ganz World account? Just want to make sure my current email is the one associated with my account.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      There is no way for you to check directly, but you can send an email to

      • cardinal4562 says:

        Thank you for asking this question; ever since we were asked to reset our password on Ganz World, I’ve been unable to do so, and can only log in with my Webkinz account. I suspect my Ganz World account is connected with an old email address, but I don’t know how to fix or change that. I’ll contact them today for certain. Thank you, again.

  6. ringneck1 says:

    I’m sad the Moonlight Dragon is a virtual pet. It’d make a fantastic plush.

  7. fluffanuttter says:

    Is this type of promotion even legal on a children’s game? Aren’t there pretty signifigant laws against gambling in children’s media?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      1. This is not gambling, it’s a contest. 2. This promotion is not advertised on Webkinz World, only on Webkinz Newz and social media.

    • gbjockey says:

      Gambling involves having to loose something for the slight opportunity to get more. This is a contest where you can get a free entry, and you get other things and benefits from buying Deluxe memberships or Estore points, not just entries.

    • NicksBubbleGum says:

      Also, who says this game is just for children? Both my daughters got into Webkinz when they first came out. Well of course they got older and moved onto to other things. I started playing and haven’t stopped! I have over 200 rooms and over 30 pets. Nothing relaxes me more after a hard day at work than playing Webkinz. I don’t drink, do drugs or smoke. I enjoy Webkina as a mom. P.S. I have the Moonlight Dragon, early Christmas present for myself!

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