More Concept Art from our Talented Artists!


The Red Velvet Raccoon is arriving in the Ganz eStore this February, just on time for Valentine’s Day! Check out the work that went into designing this pet’s adoption gifts:


The ears of the Red Velvet Raccoon are featured on this Gift Box:


We love the Luxurious Clock, the Red Velvet Raccoon’s PSI (Pet Specific Item)! The base of the clock appears thinner on the final item compared to the original concept sketch:


The steam featured on this concept sketch is a beautiful touch! Too bad it didn’t make it to the final design of the Creamy Cocoa, the Red Velvet Raccoon’s PSF (Pet Specific Food):




The Red Velvet Raccoon will be available to Deluxe Members on February 1st in the Ganz eStore. Stay tuned from more sketches from our talented Webkinz artists!


21 Responses to More Concept Art from our Talented Artists!

  1. morggymoo says:

    that’s so cute i want to buy one

  2. LadyMoondreamer says:

    Please keep the concept art coming. So often I like the sketches even better than the slick finished product, which of course has to be a different standard. Glad they kept the ears on the box, that would sell it to me!

  3. vcela1872 says:

    Is the clock still available? It would go great in my “valentine’s room” theme.

  4. Mariuca366 says:

    It*s fantastic but I have got a Golden Retriever and Charcoal Cat ..

  5. CLS954 says:

    I love seeing how these ideas develop from a sketch to the finished project. Great work creative team!!!! I am sooooooo excited about the Red Velvet Raccoon. Great new friend for my Red Velvet Rabbit and Red Velvet Deer. Thank you Ganz! CLS954 aka cinderlou9

  6. True2MyWord1 says:

    Wow, @webkinzworld, these ideas sound so cute!!! I really want the Red Velvet Raccoon, but my parents won’t let me get it. Please reply to this if you want my parents to ease up and get it 4 me!! Thanks -T2MW1-

  7. kathy8190 says:

    nice work ganz creative team

  8. SmoresOfScotland says:

    Love them!

  9. Hazzy says:

    In every picture I love seeing what kind of color scheme was used! The different shades of red are just amazing together! Are the artists told what colors to use or do they get to pick and choose during their own little creation stage?

    • Matt WebkinzFriends says:

      The artists are typically given some images to use as references, just to get the ‘feel’ of what is required. But from there, they’re pretty free to do what they want with it! :)

  10. dctalk says:

    I love that soo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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