More Concept Art from our Talented Artists!


The Red Velvet Raccoon is arriving in the Ganz eStore this February, just on time for Valentine’s Day! Check out the work that went into designing this pet’s adoption gifts:


The ears of the Red Velvet Raccoon are featured on this Gift Box:


We love the Luxurious Clock, the Red Velvet Raccoon’s PSI (Pet Specific Item)! The base of the clock appears thinner on the final item compared to the original concept sketch:


The steam featured on this concept sketch is a beautiful touch! Too bad it didn’t make it to the final design of the Creamy Cocoa, the Red Velvet Raccoon’s PSF (Pet Specific Food):




The Red Velvet Raccoon will be available to Deluxe Members on February 1st in the Ganz eStore. Stay tuned from more sketches from our talented Webkinz artists!


21 Responses to More Concept Art from our Talented Artists!

  1. blackmagiccat says:

    Are there any ways that one can apply to become a concept design artist aswell in your company ?if yes , so in what conditions ? And do you need any spesific art degree ? Do you need to use any spesific art programm or will any programm work ?

  2. torahgirl101 says:


  3. MixMaster12 says:

    Very interesting….. What art program do the artists use to create these? Or do you just use paper, pencil, and paint? I wish I could draw like you all!

  4. girlzluv2play says:

    That’s cool.

  5. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Cool! I LOVE the gift box! :mrgreen:

  6. leachow53 says:

    Wonderful Concept Art

  7. als123 says:

    The sketches are pretty. The clock must have been the hardest to draw! I like to draw to and could probably maybe sketch it too! Did the artists sketch them on paper or on the computer?

    • Matt WebkinzFriends says:

      The artists usually draw them in pencil on paper before scanning it into the computer. From there, they will use special computers that lets them use a special pen on the screen to act like a pencil and brush in order to add the colouring and shading. :)

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