More NEW Prizes!


Deluxe Members will be pleased to know that we’ve added some new prizes to the Deluxe Prize Machine!


Now when they visit through the Today’s Activities schedule on the Webkinz Classic desktop app, they and a lucky non-Deluxe Member may both receive a Deluxe Donut, a Deluxe Pizza, or maybe even a Golden Sparkling Helmet!



We’ve also added new prizes to the Prize Klaw!


When it appears in the Today’s Activities schedule on the Webkinz Classic desktop app, you might find a Red Capsule Helmet or a Prize Klaw Jacket inside a yellow capsule.! And if you get a green capsule, there’s a chance you’ll find a new Submarine Fishbowl inside!


Here’s a look at all the prize pools for each capsule:



Which prizes are YOU most excited to win? Let us know in the comments below!


20 Responses to More NEW Prizes!

  1. Alphaowlbear says:

    I’m so sorry – I meant to respond to your username, KarenaJ.

  2. nanamama12 says:

    I REALLY hope to get that fishbowl!

  3. alucard says:

    I’m not a fan of the Prize Klaw machine. I like most of the prizes, but it is extremely hard to get a prize in that game. It’s very frustrating when you can’t pick up a prize ball and have to go ALL the way back to the start and try again, then run out of time anyway. Some computers run slower than others, so it’s really not a fair game for all players. What I don’t care for on the Deluxe Prize Machine is getting FOOD or KinzCash. Why can’t there be Deluxe themed wall paper, flooring, furniture items, or clothing? I love that the same prize is given to another random player, Deluxe or not Deluxe. That’s probably the thing I love most about the Deluxe Prize Machine! I love sending Deluxe items as gifts to Webkinz Friends that aren’t Deluxe. Paying it forward, now that I’m Deluxe. Wish we had more Deluxe items in the WShop, as we can KinzPost them. Wish we could KinzPost eStore items, too! It’s really silly, and unfair, that we can’t, especially since we pay REAL money to get those VIRTUAL things.

  4. outgoinglyshy says:

    I love the new prize claw prizes! Is there a trick to getting a green capsule because I never seem to get them. I’m still hoping for the Wacky Bowler and now also the fish bowl. ;)

    • KarenaJ says:

      For me, the trick is dropping the claw toward the back, close to the escape chute. I aim for the two green capsules sitting together in a pair back there- I drop right in between them. It’s not a green one every time but frequently it is. I always go for a firm grip because when you get one, you have less area to cover getting it out. Remember to drop right in the middle of the chute, because if you are too far on either side, it’ll bounce away. If you come up empty handed, it’s game over because I’ve never been able to recover a capsule successfully after that, which is why I always go for the firm grip.

  5. KarenaJ says:

    It doesn’t matter about new prizes on the Prize Machine because all I ever get is Kinzcash. My saying that is not hyperbole or exaggeration, I get Kinzcash 80% of the time on both of our family’s deluxe accounts. If you removed Kinzcash from the prize pool, I might begin to get excited about new prizes. Prize Klaw on the other hand, is awesome. Won the fishbowl already and can’t wait to get the others eventually. I don’t mind that the red capsules are Kinzcash because it’s still exciting when you grab a capsule, there’s a challenge involved and you still have a 2 out of 3 chance at a prize. Most often I get a yellow one, but I get a green one often enough to keep it interesting.

    • BeezKneez says:

      I agree with you, Beckinz8, about the Deluxe Prize Machine. I also have two deluxe accounts and most of the times I get cash. While I appreciate adding new prizes, I really have not won many of the prizes from the last updates to the prize pool. But now I’ve started getting pieces from the rare Curio Shop themes and last week I won the Stone Speedster and a Purple Dwarf Hat – really disappointing that the prize pool is so large – it seems I’ll never win the deluxe items. Yes, either take the cash out or add the machine as an activity every day. However, I have always liked that a non deluxe player wins the same prize as I do.

      • KarenaJ says:

        Good point- I do love that a random non deluxe player gets the same prize- which is still usually Kinzcash lol but sharing IS wonderful in WW. I’m always hoping for a piece of the golden theme. I have an ottoman and one fence piece and a couple of tiles. That’s it. That’s all I’ve gotten after playing for 3 years now. Always disappointed to get Kinzcash :(

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