More Webkinz Room Designs!


Michael, Mandy and Michelle review some more Webkinz room designs that were sent to the Webkinz staff by players like you! The room designers featured in this video have the chance to become finalists for our next Webkinz Room Design Awards!



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Want to send us screenshots of some of your favorite rooms? E-mail them to Michael at Who knows, you might see them in a post right here on Webkinz Newz!


39 Responses to More Webkinz Room Designs!

  1. 1955tiny says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Facebook code !!!! LOVE what I got !!!

  2. Nattie says:

    Amazing room designs again! Congrats to all of you for being featured and for inspiring the rest of us!

  3. leeann15 says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my room design. I just love all of the rooms featured. Such inspiring members and decorators out there. Joi, may I please order a large pizza with onions to go? Congrats to everyone.

  4. Joy_Webkinz says:

    GREAT designs, ya’ll! Such fun colors! I especially like the Road Rally and Italian Restaurant, but everyone did an AMAZING job!

  5. DustyDuster11 says:

    Everyone did a great job on their rooms !!! The pretty bloom garden room is so pretty and so is the bubbly valentine’s day room! Congratulations to everyone featured! I am always amazed at all the talent!

  6. tinygma says:

    Soon we collect Chocolate Eggs like we did March last year can’t wait !!

  7. 1955tiny says:

    THANK YOU WEBKINZ for the pretty stained glass window !! FB ;) .

  8. Prettypikachu says:

    Wow, great job, designers! All of these rooms are beautiful! I really love the ‘Tint Town’ room. love the color scheme and the wallpaper selection! Congratulations to @DeeAnn, @PigKnucklesMomGinger, @Blair, @Bfife, @MsDiana1126, @AngelGirl315, @Djh89, @MyNoey, and @Joi. All of these rooms are great, and i wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming Room Design Awards! ~Pika

  9. Prettypikachu says:

    Hey, Sally, Michael, or Steve? Can I say the name of my Pinterest account? (I know I can’t post links, and my account is related to Webkinz things. [Not Webkinz/Ganz itself.]) It even features FanArt from the ShareCenter, all credit given to the artist. Thanks for the answer in advance, ~ Pika

  10. Elessar says:

    Well done!! Especially loved the Spring Training, Tiny Town and Italian Restaurant rooms!! Thank you to all designers for sharing your inspirational creativity with us. :-)

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