Movie Night Party Invitations

Movie Night invitations





By Amanda Panda

Hey, ‘Kinz fans! In case I do decide to throw a movie night party, I made up these cool invitations to send out to my friends! I’ve saved them as a template in case you want to borrow the idea and throw your own movie night!

Just print them out and fill in the blanks – then it’s lights, camera and action for your own movie night!

Here is the link to the downloadable PDF:

Movie Night Party Invitation

21 Responses to Movie Night Party Invitations

  1. daisyrocks66 says:

    I really want to go to movie night!!!!

  2. poohcat says:

    Cool idea!! I am going to do this!!

  3. Bailey says:

    Coooool!! :P

  4. ?? says:

    Whose naame do you put in the “Who” row???? Do you put Your name or the Guest your invitins name??

  5. dogsrock says:

    those are cute not just any old invitation neat :)

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