Movie Night Party Invitations

Movie Night invitations





By Amanda Panda

Hey, ‘Kinz fans! In case I do decide to throw a movie night party, I made up these cool invitations to send out to my friends! I’ve saved them as a template in case you want to borrow the idea and throw your own movie night!

Just print them out and fill in the blanks – then it’s lights, camera and action for your own movie night!

Here is the link to the downloadable PDF:

Movie Night Party Invitation

21 Responses to Movie Night Party Invitations

  1. finemilkchocolate28 says:

    I heart those tickets! I would have made them a color though instead of white.:3)

  2. Eureka! says:

    Oooh now I want to throw a Movie Night! Maybe I will… Hmm.

  3. PolarBear4Ever says:

    Awesome to give a template that is usable.

  4. fairyqueen220860 says:


  5. WebkinzMember says:

    Thanks Amanda Panda, I hope you have a great party.

    • lilspring says:

      That is a great ideal I wish I had that when I did my daughters birthday party. It was a movie theme. I bought the boxed shape popcorn holders and put mini microwave popcorn bag and some boxed movie candies in them for thier gift bags. That invitation would have been perfect.

  6. Dogluver says:

    Cool! I might do that sometime

  7. Insanity says:

    Those are such cool tickets!

  8. puppyluvver says:

    that’s a nice idea for party invitations :)

  9. WebkinWizard:) says:

    Cool tickets! This is an awesome party idea. Too bad there are no webkinz movies that we could watch at the party. :b

  10. matiepie says:

    that’s so cool!

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