Movie Showcase – How I Brush Webkinz (& Other Plush)

HJC Webkinz knows a thing or two about maintaining Webkinz plush fur!





How do you keep your plush’s fur looking great?? Reply in the comments below, or make your own KinzTube video and send it to!

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22 Responses to Movie Showcase – How I Brush Webkinz (& Other Plush)

  1. hbvn says:

    Ahh Thanks for posting my video! ^_^

  2. EmilyCuteHeart says:

    HJC Webkinz I some of my most watched Kinztube channels! I just started watching it a few weeks ago! I love this video, and the channel! I’m glad this video was featured! Also, when will the next Social Media Superstar be announced? It has been almost a year, of not over, and I have even patiently waiting!

  3. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Oh cool! I like to use a metal slicker pet brush for my fluffy Signature Webkinz, such as the Pomeranian, Calico, Marble Cat, and Arctic Hares. I just buy a cheap one from the Dollar Tree and it works great! ;P Although, if the Webkinz is like brand new, I don’t really recommend brushing it a lot, especially if it’s a signature one, because I think it is kind of hard on the plush’s fur. Like, it kind of wears it out, so to speak. I dunno if that’s totally true or not, but I feel like that’s what it does.

  4. DanniLynn says:

    Does anyone have a tip on smoothing whiskers? Anyone have a relative with a mustache that uses mustache wax? Would that work? Some of the whiskers are so wild, they’re almost corkscrew!

  5. ladysparklez99 says:

    how i brush my pets is that i take a samll plastic bristles brush and a soft bristles brush(it was a baby brush)and i brush ‘em out. if they have matted fur i usually take some scissors and chop it off, but thing how i dress my pets is make them adorb outfits i sew myself, and another is buy like accessories at claire’s or icing and get like bows, trinkets and necklaces to make my pets precious. another thing i do is get the birthdays(guys, its great idea to use a trading card album to file your pets)and use their birthstone colors!

  6. wilameena5GZ says:

    I found that if you take the nozzle off the vacuum cleaner and just use the round hose, it works great. I have mine sitting out on a shelf, so using the vacuum hose fluffs up the pet and takes the dust off at the same time.

  7. ladysparklez99 says:

    i have the himalayan cat.

  8. ladysparklez99 says:

    ok, i am making a HUGE protest for this thing on removing moneyz. why are you removing moneyz?! we deserve to know why you guys are taking it away. and if you really are,(this better not be an april fools joke)then are replacing it with something else?i have always loved moneyz, and there is know reason to take it away. it’s not like it’s unpopular or something. some things we just need to keep!!

    • kittymade10 says:

      I use the moneyz to get item that use to be (or still is) estore points in WW. Now, whenever it goes I recommend you use up all your moneyz ahead of time. I don’t wan it to go either, but that is they way it is. ;-;

      • dinosaurtracker13 says:

        I agree with you two, Moneyz really shouldn’t go! Last Halloween I was so glad I could buy that giant trick-or-treat bowl, which was certainly eStore quality (maybe actually had been eStore before?), because of Moneyz, but now we’re not going to have the opportunity for great rewards like that anymore without paying eStore points! :(

    • bubbashuka says:

      Yeah! I hope it’s an April Fool’s joke. :,( I really, REALLY don’t want them to go :(

    • kitterztoo says:

      I think they explained it pretty well. They need to get rid of all the extra stuff so they can concentrate only on Webkinz and this being a news/info blog only. After closing Amazing World and Webkinz Jr, plus letting the Parents stuff stagnate, they need to redesign this whole site soon. I loved the idea of moneyz, and discovered it rather late myself. Sometimes difficult decisions/changes are necessary to keep Webkinz alive.

      • FoxesRule612 says:

        I’m pretty sad to see Moneyz leave, too, but thankfully it’s for valid reasons. Firstly, claiming Moneyz prizes requires Adobe Flash, which will shut down in 2020, and secondly, Ganz wants to focus more on news and blog stuff. Like what kitterztoo said, they said that pretty clearly in the announcement.

    • Peacecortbuttons says:

      Agreed. Ganz, don’t take moneyz/rewardz off until this Friday. I am going to get an expensive item on Thursday.

  9. FoxesRule612 says:

    Ooh, I do the same thing! Only I brush mine with a slicker brush and I bought it specifically for my Webkinz and other plushies so they don’t smell like dog! XD

  10. julieperkins says:


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