Movie Showcase – Kinzville Academy Marching Band Halftime Show

You may remember that Bullseye Jingles designed the marching band outfits… now check out this awesome halftime show!


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  1. 143w says:

    Fantastic! Great job!

  2. pamala says:

    Bravo, You are absolutely amazing, such dedication to detail and perfection. Give yourself a big hurrah, Story was no to long I read every word and was blown away at how much time and thought to put into that video. Thanks for sharing it with all of us here in WW

  3. sunnyten10 says:


  4. bullseyejingles444 says:

    Hi! I just wanna say THANK YOU to everyone for their wonderful and kind comments!!! <3 I'm so amazed to see that so many people love marching band as much as I do! I also wanted to answer a few of the questions I saw in the comments!

    1. How do you make a stop motion video in Webkinz?
    It's not too difficult, actually! The camera button in the top left corner of your screen in WW is extremely helpful! When you click it, it takes a picture of your room, so I zoomed in and positioned the room and pets exactly the way I wanted and took many, many screenshots. The most important thing is to not move the room around or zoom in or out, or you lose the effect of the stop motion (You can actually see a few places in my video where I accidentally moved the room slightly… oops lol). Then, I put all the pictures in a video editing software with a music track, and listened (with a lot of trial and error) to figure out how long each picture needed to be on the screen.

    2. How long did it take?
    I worked on this video last weekend (Sun & Mon), and I edited it as I went along- you can see about halfway through that the sky in the background changes to night briefly and then back to daytime! The reason I edited as I went along was so I could make visual and musical "big hits"- parts where the music/visuals look or sound really cool (e.g. the band standing in a line, a complicated run in the music, marching slowly toward the sideline, etc) Fun fact- the video has 110 total screenshots! The longest/hardest part was just moving all the pets around without changing which pet I was controlling.

    3. Was I in marching band?
    YES! I love love love marching band! I marched flute for my first year and then switched to synthesizer for the rest. When I designed the uniforms last year, I didn't think there would be so many Webkinz fans that also love marching band! I am also a big fan of drum corps, which is sorta like "NFL" for marching band (except they don't use woodwinds, just brass instruments and percussion- which is actually what my "marching band" technically is!). The uniforms themselves are inspired by a lot of different marching bands- college bands often have two color plumes in their hats (and I think they're awesome!), the jacket was inspired by the Bluecoats' uniforms (they are an AWESOME drum corps), and the gauntlets on the jacket are VERY similar to my high school marching band's gauntlets (those faded from black to grey). My brother (who also loves MB and drum corps a ton) also helped me pick the color scheme and decide the elements in the design! (s/o to him lol) :D The music I used in this video is from another drum corps, Carolina Crown, which is my favorite drum corps! I just love their sound, and the closing music from their 2013 show e=mc2 was perfect! That show was actually the year when they won the Drum Corps Internation World Championships with a PERFECT(!) brass score!

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