Movie Showcase – The 20 Weirdest Webkinz Plush Errors

Check out this detailed breakdown of various plush manufacturing errors by Jared Kinz!


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44 Responses to Movie Showcase – The 20 Weirdest Webkinz Plush Errors

  1. madileigh5 says:

    Hi I just received a webkinz that looks real until I saw that the typical ganz tag on the back of the leg wasn’t there. It has the name of the webkinz tag there but on that tag it has a barcode too. Can anyone help me in if I just got a fake webkinz or not? I can’t find anything on the internet

  2. harmoniieandmelodie says:

    I have a koala that has double claws on its paws…. the felt part on its feet, there are 2 pieces sewn on each paw instead of 1.

  3. shiathewaptor says:

    I just tried getting deluxe, for some reason it didn’t work

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