Special Report!



We are aware of a story today alleging a data breach. Your account security is of utmost importance to us, and we are investigating thoroughly. Please note that we have never asked for addresses, phone numbers or last names, and Webkinz accounts are not connected to eStore account data in any way. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to change your account password using the button on the Webkinz Login screen.


This has been Ella McWoof reporting for Webkinz Newz…



58 Responses to Special Report!

  1. CyanSkyBlue says:

    Hackers are AWFUL. Why can’t they leave Webkinz alone!?

  2. heartssquad says:

    i was on the game and i got disconnected out of no where

  3. purpleotter says:

    I can’t get into change password on one of my accounts. Same password I have had for years but now message is old password is incorrect. I will be missing out on webkinz day plus a lot of time capsules. contacted estore via email but no response. This is not fair at all.

  4. grinningreaper says:

    When I logged in today, it forced me to change my password.


      Mine did too!

    • sissygirl58 says:

      I haven’t been able to access my accounts all week. It asked for me to change the password and when trying to do that I kept getting that the old password was incorrect. I tried sending to the parent email account several times and never received the email (of course I checked the spam folder).I was finally able to change the password on the mail account and access the account. However, when I came back later, it told me the new password that I assigned earlier was incorrect. I haven’t been able to access since and I have been waiting for reply from customer support since Tuesday.

      • kellyberkland says:

        i have been too, i requested a new password from customer support on the parents page and tried to reset it and sent 3 emails. no one has answered, when i do forget log in it sends me the email to reset it but when i do, it say SQR error occurred so it never resets

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