Movie Showcase – Top 5 Most Recommended Webkinz

What are your top 5 most recommended Webkinz? Here are KinzTuber AngelwolfKinz’s picks!






Thanks for sharing, AngelwolfKinz!

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  1. Rnw9kinz says:

    My top 5 recommend pets that i have are,the Googels,the Signature endangered bengal tiger(i love mines stripes of.Literally),the Signature endangered spotted jaguar,the ring tailed lemur,and last but serenely not least is the Retired Chinchilla.I LOVE WEBKINZ!!!!!

  2. bluepinkrainbow says:

    Obviously, the top five would be, 1. Weimaraner, 2. Weimaraner, 3. Weimaraner, 4. Weimaraner, and 5. Weimaraner

  3. ilovemoonie says:

    My top 5 pets would have to be…..hmmmm.. This is a hard one. I have 82 plush Webkinz and it’s hard to pick my 5 favorites. Let’s see, the signature woodland raccoon, ( it’s really cute!!!) the blue googles, ( the googles is such a unique pet and blue is my favorite color.) the sapphire Pegasus, ( she’s gorgeous!) the cotton candy bunny, ( one of the cutest bunnys and Webkinz pets I ever saw!) and last but definitely not least, the signature cougar! Cougars, ( along with horses) are my favorite animals. Even though my cougar is very messed up now, he’s still adorable. He’s got the cutest face ever!! He’s my favorite Webkinz that I have and my 4th favorite stuffed animal that I have! So those are my top five! I also really love the signature west highland terrier and signature Siberian husky though. They almost made the 5.

  4. Priceless says:

    Singature Ocelot: Before I saw the video, I saw that it said “What are your top 5 Webkinz?” and that’s the first I thought of :D It’s so soft and cute! 10 Year Magic W Pup: If this Webkinz was a video, I would say it went viral! Almost everyone I know on Kinztube has one (including me :) ) Signature Ragdoll Cat: This Webkinz is very cute :D It’s fur texture seems very unique from other webkinz. Love Puppy: It was the first webkinz puppy that was made, and then the line was very popular back in 2009-2013. They are very cute and soft :) Signature Snow Leopard: Another cutie :) VERRRRY soft like the Ocelot :)

  5. huggablehoneys4ever says:

    Pink googles, kinzklip googles, white googles, blue googles, lil kinz googles B)

  6. doingmydailies says:

    Thanks AngelwolfKinz for making such a great video!!! My favorite Webkinz pet in the video is the Webkinz Signature Snow Leopard. It is so cute, soft and has such a pretty pattern. I love dragon Webkinz and dinosaur Webkinz. One of my absolute favorite Webkinz pets is the Citrus Dragon. I named my Citrus Dragon after me and her birthday is the day before mine!!! It rocks!!!

  7. Vipris says:

    I’m getting the African Wild Dog Webkinz and the Banana Print Monkey Webkinz for Christmas~!

  8. Lucillegould5 says:

    im getting so many Webkinz for Christmas and my birthday. I there any other teens that play Webkinz? or am I the only one? lol

  9. ilovemlp22 says:

    1. Have It 2. Have It 3. My Sis Has It 4. Want it its just expensive 5. My sis wants it! Great Video Angelkinz!

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