Win a Holiday Helper Dragon!

Help us welcome the Holiday Helper Dragon! This eStore exclusive pet will be available soon — but you have a chance to win one by entering our writing contest, open this Friday! Put your thinking caps on and check out the contest description below.

Contest Description:

The Holiday Helper Dragon has lost something important. What was it, and how did she find it? Tell us  and you could win one of 5 eStore exclusive Holiday Helper Dragon Secret Codes!

Entries accepted from Friday, November 27 at 12:00 am EST until Sunday, November 29, 11:59 pm EST.


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  1. MiaStella789 says:

    Sally i’ve been in bed sick, very sick and now i can;’t find how to enter writing contest. Hopefully you’ll accept this.. The Friendly Helper Dragon was decorating his tree for the upcoming holidays and thought this year I want to do something different. He ponder all the wonderful friendships he had made over the years and thought “That’s it!!! I will send gifts gifts to all the new friends who are just getting started and may not have some of the older rare items and clothing”. A warm feeling spread thru his body as he remember what it was like to get Amazing gifts from new friends and he knew he made the right choice. So he went to KinzPost and started right away with names of friends he wasn’t familiar with. He pick a food item, clothing and speciality item for each one. Then he came across one of the friends that had done that for him and he knew he couldn’t leave them out. They are the ones that made playing Webkinz so exciting.It was a big projects he ate something from his garden and picked up a few things from the W-Shop to send to his special friend,then walked around the park to meet more new friends. He dressed up in his SantaKinz costume and felt this must be what it is like to be SantaKinz.. In the Park he didn’t try to get the trash first knowing others needed to finish challenges so he play card games and played on the swings with the other Kinz pets in the playground area. He was working up an appetite so he bought a spicy squash ice cream from Mr. Moo then he wished Mr.Moo a Happy Holiday season.Then he headed to the tournament arena to challenge and make more new friends.The Friendly Helpful Dragon thought this has been a great day! Ican’t wait to do it again tomorrow as he settled into his bed to dream of sugar plums and the excitement his new friends will feel when they get their surprize Christmas gifts. As he fell asleep he whispered I love Webkinz World…Merry X-mas!!

  2. anneca1963 says:

    I am sad, I wrote a story for this but there is no link on the contest page so i can’t submit it. Also, Sally can you help. Me, my mom and sis all share this account because we can’t open one for my sis or me. We’ve tried twice but each time it says we are sent an email to finish activating and we never get the email. I checked the spam folder too. Then I tried again and it said my user name was taken but when I try to log in it tells me i haven’t finished activating. It’s no problem except my sis won the vampire kitten and I want to try to win this one (or I guess a different one since i can’t submit my story) too but it will look like the same person and i don’t want to not win because you think it is the same person who already won.

  3. dragonlady1963 says:

    I have a story all ready to enter and I can’t!! HELP!!!!!!! It is 10:12pm on Sunday and it says the entries will be accepted until 11:59pm, but I can not find the button or form to enter! I’ve looked EVERYWHERE! (Contest page, announcement page, events, etc.) No luck! I’m sad because I put a lot of thought into my story and now I don’t even have a chance because there is no way for me to enter. :(

  4. sahm2girls4 says:

    I’ve tried clearing my cache, using different browsers, using different computers, still no luck trying to find how to enter this contest!! Help!! My 2 daughters both wrote essays I need to submit.

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