Win a Holiday Helper Dragon!

Help us welcome the Holiday Helper Dragon! This eStore exclusive pet will be available soon — but you have a chance to win one by entering our writing contest, open this Friday! Put your thinking caps on and check out the contest description below.

Contest Description:

The Holiday Helper Dragon has lost something important. What was it, and how did she find it? Tell us  and you could win one of 5 eStore exclusive Holiday Helper Dragon Secret Codes!

Entries accepted from Friday, November 27 at 12:00 am EST until Sunday, November 29, 11:59 pm EST.


62 Responses to Win a Holiday Helper Dragon!

  1. sahm2girls4 says:

    Cannot find how to enter! Please help!! I look on the contest page and all I see is the Pink Dalmation contest. The dragon contest is supposed to run for 3 more hours, so how do I enter??

  2. JuliettaRose11 says:

    I can’t enter! It’s not listed as a contest! What happened? IT’s only 8:28 EST in the evening.. I’m really sad. Was there a maximum limit to how many people could enter?

  3. Starsinger123 says:

    None of the forums are showing up for me. Can someone please post a link?

  4. acouwntt says:

    Hi, ganz! Is this contest open to residence of New York, Florida, and Quebec? And where do we go to enter? I don’t see it anywhere on Webkinz Newz.

  5. stuperstar says:

    How do you enter?? Good luck to everybody who is entering!

  6. Dragongirl258 says:

    My name says it all! I am a super big fan of Webkinz, especially their dragons! Altogether, I have 7 of the dragons, and I hope to get another through this awesome contest! Good luck to all!

  7. michaelgirgis says:

    The holiday dragon lost it’s special necklace,and on Christmas morning it found it’s necklace next to the tree.

  8. cspelllings says:

    Can i make it a “he” if I’d like?

  9. natalie13 says:

    I so need this Dragon ! To go with my Dino & XD dragon family

  10. Solothedragon says:

    Why couldn’t it of been a plush? I hate how your making a lot of Estore pets. Like, this dragon would of been awesome as a plush and its been over two years I believe since a plush dragon has been made. :(

    • Dragongirl258 says:

      Ditto! I wish Ganz would stop making Estore pets and focus on making plush. Sure, they’re more expensive, but guess what looses all value once I stop playing Webkinz? Estore pets. Not to say I only collect them to sell (I love them, they’re so cute!) but I wish that plush were more of a main outlet .

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