Movie Showcase – Webkinz Curio Shop Room Design Challenge

Here’s a brand new design challenge for you, courtesy of Bullseye Jingles! What kind of room will you design?


Have you ever made a room design video? Reply in the comments below, or make your own KinzTube video and send a link to! Subscribe to our Webkinz YouTube Channel:


14 Responses to Movie Showcase – Webkinz Curio Shop Room Design Challenge

  1. Traveller says:

    I crashed out on this challenge! Lol

  2. Ajoy65 says:

    Question. When one of the items is from the outdoors, say a tree, do we pick one other item from the outdoors as well. Since it’s not really a room theme area I was just wondering. Thanks.

  3. Ajoy65 says:

    I’m a little confused. I made my room but am not sure where to submit it. When I go to the Share Center it does not have a separate area to submit the room to, Curio Shop Room Design Challenge. Or do I send it through my email to lets build?

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Don’t worry @Ajoy65. ~bullseyejingles444, another WW player, has laid down the gauntlet and given us all something fun to shoot for! If you like how your room turns out when you try their idea, just do what they suggested and submit it to the Share Center or make your own video. I look forward to seeing your room design!

  4. nanamama12 says:

    Good gravy! What on earth would I do for this one???

  5. PupKid008 says:

    Wow! That looks great! Nice job Bullseye Jingles!

  6. 73kibarry says:

    Difficult but definitely giving it a go

  7. Cloudsheeeep says:

    Just wondering about the Deluxe items at Arte’s. if one does not have a Deluxe account, does one need to wait for an hour when there are no Deluxe items for sale?

    • bullseyejingles444 says:

      Hi Cloudsheeeep! If you are not Deluxe, then I would suggest buying the regular items- don’t worry about the deluxe items, the idea is to spark your creativity for a room design :)

  8. g2u3c4c5i says:

    What a fun idea for a challenge! I will have to try this :)

  9. GreenSecret says:

    Great idea, I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing. Good job on the room.

  10. ojibwa says:

    Wow! Difficult challenge!

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