Movie Showcase -Webkinz Speedpaint – Hoppy Little Rocketship

Check out this speed paint of Hoppy Little Rocketship, by zinnia!


Great job, zinnia!


What arcade game is your favorite? Reply in the comments below, or make your own KinzTube video and send it to!


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72 Responses to Movie Showcase -Webkinz Speedpaint – Hoppy Little Rocketship

  1. TheFox says:

    Best. Webkinz. Game. Ever. Congrats Zinnia, your art is amazing. Hopefully I can do speedpaints too, soon, once I get my channel up and running, By the way, what music is that? It’s awesome.

  2. 1Emerald1 says:

    My all-time favorite arcade game is Goober’s Atomic Adventure. I also like Crafty Canaries, Tile Towers & Eager Beaver Adventure Park. I can’t pass a level on Go-Go Googles to save my life, & dislike anything that involves being chased by ants, bees, etc.

    • pinkJess says:

      I enjoy playing Crafty Canaries and Tile Towers too. As for those Googles, they continue to trick me as well. Admittedly, I do enjoy the bees in the Hungry Hogs game. Yet, ColorStorm is my favorite.

  3. beerfeet says:

    Zinnia you did a great job matching the music to your drawing!

    • RosyFox says:

      Awesome video, zinnia! I love the chibi-like style that you draw your pictures in. Congrats on getting featured, and I hope to see more of your videos around WN! Your artwork is so cute. ^o^

      • Twizi says:

        I agree, Rosy, I LOVE her art style. This inspired me to create my own Hoppy Little Rocket Ship! I made it too small to put a pet in, but I’m going to post it on GanzWorld, and then make a larger, more accurate one.

    • Twizi says:

      I agree, I really wish I knew what that music was, because I keep having to come back and play it over and over, it’s just so awesome…

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