Add 4 More Hosts To Your Friends List!



Starting April 27th, you’ll be able to add 4 more Webkinz hosts to your Friends List. Here’s what you’ll have to do to add Doug the Dog. Daisy Doe, Sophie Stockwell and Mr. Moo:



Once you’ve added a host to your Friends List you can use them for help with Challenges and Building Projects (Building Kits), play some games against them in the Tournament Arena and even send them KinzPost! You never know, if you send a Host a KinzPost you may get a reply!


Do you already have some hosts on your Friends List? Here are the other ones you can add and what you’ll need to do to add them:


  • For Arte, complete a Gem Hunt.
  • For Ms. Cowoline, complete a full day of class with one pet.
  • For Amanda Panda, make a Wish of the Day.
  • For Tabby VonMeow, do a job.
  • For Fred Rover, go to the Webkinz Stadium.
  • For PJ Collie, purchase a clothing item from the KinzStyle Outlet.
  • For Sheldon, buy a souvenir from him when you’re on vacation.
  • For Cowabelle, visit her in the Kinzville Park during a Meet the Mayor event


How many hosts do you have on your friends list? Please leave a comment below…



55 Responses to Add 4 More Hosts To Your Friends List!

  1. TriciaTheMewniQueen says:

    The other way to befriend Cowabelle (from my experience) is to complete a lot of classes at the Kinzville Academy. I really wish we could befriend all of the other Kinz Pals, I think I know how Sparky would work: Mine for gems a lot. Anyone else agree?

  2. rockitboom says:

    I’ve got 14 hosts on my friends list.

  3. didcind says:

    I have 13 hosts on my friend list!!! :)

  4. Spiderhulkman says:

    2 More days! I am so excited!

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