NEW in Webkinz Next: The Spring Clothing Collection!

Spring styles have bloomed!

The new Spring Clothing Collection has arrived in Webkinz Next and it is a refreshing burst of bold colors and style.
Check out these fresh new looks for spring.
1) Casually Elegant

Is your pet a fan of formal wear but also spends all day playing Fantastic Flower? For the versatile pet, match a pair of Black and Purple Track Pants with a Teal Tuxedo Blazer, grab a pair of Teal Sunglasses and complement it all with Black Loafers. Now your pet is ready for anything!
2) Sweet and Springy

This outfit is great for a stroll around Kinzville, chatting with friends, maybe even catching a ride on the carousel. The Purple Skater Skirt is easy and fun. And, the Teal Bow is so cute! Match it with a Teal Tie-Dye Shirt and some Teal Sandals and you’ve got an outfit.
3) Concert Couture

This outfit is going to be perfect for Season 3, Candyland Concert! Throw on a Black and Purple Cap, a Teal Dress and a Teal Fringe Scarf add some Black Loafers and you have a perfect outfit for dancing, singing and springing into Season 3!
What’s your favorite combo?
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17 Responses to NEW in Webkinz Next: The Spring Clothing Collection!

  1. unikitty11_ says:

    Oh, that is adorable! Also, anyone have any tips on how to earn kinzcash fast in Webkinz Next?

    • Alexandrite_Ledger says:

      Lily Padz for the win!

    • p9988 says:

      The flower growing event is a quick way to earn at least 150 kinzcash just for participating! I wish there were more ways to earn though, like the tournament arena or job center on Webkinz Classic, because I’m struggling myself too.

    • Wingsfan65 says:

      @unikitty11_ It takes a few days but you can earn a lot of money by selling crops you’ve grown in your garden. I earned a fair amount of Kinzcash in Next by playing games that I was good at when they had higher payouts (ie. if they were the game of the day or whatever it’s called in Next :) I made a lot of money playing Tile Towers, Smoothie Moves and Diner Dice, if I recall correctly.

    • kvtie says:

      I would say the best ways to make money fast are to play lily padz! I find it generates the most money the quickest. Also hold on to your crops and wait to sell them to farmer Will. I get about 1200 kinzcash when I sell 50 crops to him. Invest in purchasing more crops to get more money down the line! Also, in the arcade don’t forget to talk to Sparky! He will award you 50 kinzcash for completing his challenge. Hope this helps!

    • Funny283 says:

      Yep! One, play fantastic flower. You can sure get alot of kinzcash if you get first place! Two, sell gems. If you find the gem of the day, you can get at least 300 kinzcash. 3. Sell crops. Get some crops, and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, farmer Will will be at the farmer’s market! So, sell your crops to him. You can get a big chunk of kinzcash that way. 4. Play the game of the day. It’s really lucky if the game of the day is your favorite game. 5. Spin the wheel of wow. You can get 250 kinzcash on the wheel of wow if you get lucky. 6. Competition Crops. If you get rare competition crops, then you will get 50 kinzcash when you enter and alot of kinzcash if you get 1st 2nd or 3rd place at the farmer’s market. Hope this helps! -Wizard Knucklewish 1

    • tuxkitty1 says:

      I play Jumbleberry Blast. I also love Tile Towers. And don’t forget Home Before Dark.

    • rockinrassberry says:

      One way to earn is playing games. I suggest Tile Towers, Jumbleberry and any that you are really good at. Play the game of the day even if you are not good. Then make sure to buy seeds at every farmer’s market. Plant and harvest. (You can always buy some seeds at the W-shop. Take note of which ones are available there and buy different ones at the farmer’s market.) Then, every time the Farmer’s market is open, go and sell your harvests. It is an easy way to get over a thousand KC sometimes! Another good opportunity is when the community events like the snowman or fantastic flower are happening, join in and you will get 150 to 750 (1sts place) just for helping out! If you are lucky with timing, and are able to join 3 times, that is an easy 450. Lastly, make sure to visit Sally in the Curio shop, get your fortune and sell gems. Good luck saving up all that KC for the stuff you really want! See you in Kinzville! Boulder Clevercharm and Sun Sweetswirl

    • BoulderPrarieHome says:

      Fantastic Flower is the best way. I can often play 4 times every other hour by running to the Join In table with everyone else running there. This means you can earn at least 600 KC every other hour. It is how I was able to build all my houses. Games take too long and offer to little KC.

  2. Beckinz8 says:

    Thanks for the fashion show, Dorothy Lou! I really like that teal blazer and the black loafers. They are perfect for prom season! I will need to find some formal black trousers to pair with them to complete the look. Hopefully by next Spring because there will be a wedding in our family irl, and I would love to dress up my webbies all fancy and have them party the day away! I like the purple and teal color palette. I don’t know if there will be a separate clothing line for Summer, but if so, I would love to see some royal blue, maybe with a little yellow, or lavender. Thanks for your enthusiastic reports!

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