New Jumbleberry Fields Prizes!


Play Jumbleberry Fields at the Arcade on and use the berries you earn at the end of the game to fill up your Jars. Each time you fill a jar, you can trade it for a prize!



We have recently added 5 new prizes to the game. The next time you head to Jumbleberry Fields, look for these awesome new items:



You may remember that the Hay Loft Bed was actually the winning design by RhinokinzW3 from our earlier fan design contest!


To make room for these new prizes, we have also retired some previous ones from the game. You can see them here.


Which of these NEW Jumbleberry Fields prizes are YOU most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.


44 Responses to New Jumbleberry Fields Prizes!

  1. chrystal13 says:

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the Hay Loft Bunk Bed to actually work as a bunk bed? I haven’t been able to figure out how to get more than one pet in it at a time.

  2. Warden says:

    Well, I am more than a little upset about the “NEW” prizes. =( I traded my full Jumbleberry jar of jam in for the JumbleBerry Outfit. What did I get?? The “Undersea Dress” from the Vacation Island Wheel prizes. I wasted all a jar of Jumbleberry for something of which I already have SIX! Can someone help me get my jar back??

  3. Austenshire says:

    I like all the new prizes.

  4. strawberrystraw1912 says:

    Yay! I love the hayloft bunk bed!!!! :D

  5. Bubblilious1 says:

    Congratulations RhinokinzW3 on your bed design. It really looks cool.

  6. lilypugrulestoo says:

    How adorable….I traded my jumble berry jar in for the moon berry outfit…makes me giggle, can’t wait to get the others…..haha

  7. jojomomogogo says:

    so cool!

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