Let’s Play Wacky Zingoz – with special guests!


Wacky and Zangoz are getting ready for the Wacky Zingoz Celebration from August 1 to 12! But last year, they had time to join Maurizio and Mandy in a game of Wacky Zingoz as their very special guests!


Who was the champion? Did the pressure of having Wacky and Zangoz sit in throw them off their game?   Watch the video and get inspired to win big with Wacky during the Wacky Zingoz Celebration from August 1 to 12!


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40 Responses to Let’s Play Wacky Zingoz – with special guests!

  1. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Wow, I have to say, I think this was one of the best Let’s Play videos!!!! :D Oh my gosh, Wacky and Zangoz are seriously amazing, probably some of my favorite Webkinz characters, and this video was just, whoa…… Thanks so much for doing it, Webkinz team! And of course, thanks to Maurizio and Mandy Webkinz (by the way, that was a good game! I can’t believe the timer ran out on Maurizio during the second game and Mandy beat him by about 1 point! I hope you don’t mind I find that somewhat funny) And yeah, all in all, and amazing let’s play video! I really hope you all decide to do more led play videos like this! Hearing Zangoz chime in made my day :,D

  2. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Lol, I loved this! xD Wacky and Zangoz are so funny.. I just love their voices, lol. It was nice to see another Let’s Play video since there hadn’t been any in a while. Anyway, great video! I hope to see more soon! =]

  3. beerfeet says:

    I am not very good at this game.

  4. Dolphinlover55 says:

    That was funny! Lol! Loved the video! Sorry I haven’t been on here much… I have been so busy commenting on the forums that I totally forgot to comment here… sorry again!

    • TaffyKitty12 says:

      It’s okay, DolphinLover! That’s the exact situation I’m in…. I used to comment on here all the time, but once I joined the forums last month, I uh…. Haven’t heen on the regular Webkinz newz as much….

  5. kbk100 says:

    That was wonderful! So happy that Wacky and Zangoz could join the fun! Congratulations on your win Maurizio! Mandy, you were so close!!!!!!! Awesome job, both of you! Thanks for the fun! :)

  6. FennecFox says:

    “No, it’s because I didn’t bite into an apple. I bit into an onion instead.” *laughing* I totally lost it at that part.

  7. MEG_WEBKINZ says:

    Wooooo hoooo!! Let’s play is BACK!!!!! =D

  8. huggablehoneys4ever says:

    I am truly sorry for whoever had to do those voices

  9. huggablehoneys4ever says:

    Yay I love Let’s Play! I’d like to see Duck Crossing, although the game has been glitched lately. What about Zingoz Switcherooz? That’s a good one too.

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