NEW! Look for Floaty Clickies in Your Pets’ Rooms!


Good news! Now you can see Floaty Clickies in your pets’ rooms! So if you’re decorating, gardening, or putting your pets down for a nap, you might see a Floaty Clicky floating by that you can click on to win a cool prize!


There are always new events popping up and that mean more chances to win! So watch out for new Floaty Clickies in your Room and all around Webkinz World!



And remember to watch Webkinz Newz, because Floaty Clickies will coming to the Webkinz Mobile App soon too!

48 Responses to NEW! Look for Floaty Clickies in Your Pets’ Rooms!

  1. huggablehoneys4ever says:

    Can’t wait until they’re added to the mobile app!! I hope collections get added soon too.

  2. lovlyhorses4 says:

    I think they should actually take them out of the classes and jobs.

  3. lfrank says:

    Huge thank you Webkinz!!!!!!!!! This was much needed and I for one appreciate it. I say let the floaties float all over makes it easier to collect them. I hope the ability to delete or move rooms is next ( hint hint)

  4. ellie7905711 says:

    Thank you Webkinz , as far as them floating in the arcade I wish they would it no more distracting than them floating at the kinzville academy. I say let them float every where in Webkinz. com it makes it far easier to collect them. Thanks again Webkinz for bringing his back for us. Now we just need the ability to delete or more rooms.

  5. ImaPepper says:

    It’s great to see the floaty-clickies back in the rooms; but ya gotta be quick! Those Magic Ws are FLYING across the screen, lol!

  6. Bellatrix5 says:

    Looking forward to it being on mobile!!

  7. dixiecup says:

    This is the best newz ever! I have gotten so many cool items from the floating clicks and it’s nice to have them back. Most of us really like being in our rooms, creating and designing.

  8. wintercrush says:

    This is awesome! I literally just yelled Yes and triumphly raised my arms. hahahahha thanks Ganz :)

  9. Prettypikachu says:

    P..putting your pets down for a nap? thanks!

  10. zekemon2 says:

    I am so happy about this. I always loved decorating and organizing my rooms while waiting for floaties! Now I can again. In fact, I got a floating W today in my room! Thank you!

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