It’s the Perfect Time for a Shopping SPREE!


Right now is the perfect time for a shopping SPREE!


Because… on February 20th, two fabulous Mall prizes are being retired.


On February 20th, the Yoga Ball Bed and the Elephant Kinzbanz Wall Art will be retired as Mall Prizes in the game of SPREE! Which means you have just over a  month to get rolling on your trip to the Mall and nab these cool items before they are gone for good!


But don’t worry – even though we’re saying goodbye to these great prizes there are still loads of awesome prizes to choose from.  In fact, take a sneak peek at these new prizes that are coming soon to SPREE!


The Arcade Pool Table, the Gold Leaf Settee and the Gold Leaf Coffee Table:

Remember – on February 20th, the Yoga Ball Bed and the Elephant Kinzbanz Wall Art retire. So be sure to play SPREE! every day and head to the Mall before they’re gone.


69 Responses to It’s the Perfect Time for a Shopping SPREE!

  1. mary says:

    the spree games are fun because if the kids do not have anything to do they can play

  2. 7liberty says:

    DX I just went to the mall, but didn’t have enough credits to buy the yoga ball bed, and I’ve wanted it since I first went to the mall last year… ;( But I’m restarting the game, so I hope I can Get back to the mall again, with enough credits!

  3. gymnasticslover123 says:

    Cool table!!!!!

  4. Kim says:

    i have got to the mall

  5. Lianew says:

    I like the new items! So cool!

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