Alex Discovers the Truth


You will not BELIEVE this! I’ve finally figured out the mystery of the Abominable Snowman!


The first few steps of my plan went well. Sparky and I went to the place where I’d seen the tracks. I set down the Jumbleberry pie (to lure the Snowman out, you see) out in the open and hurried back to where Sparky was hiding behind a tree. We waited.


And waited.


And then waited some more. Seriously, who wouldn’t want that pie? We were there so long that Sparky said HE was going to eat the pie if the Snowman didn’t want it.


But then, something interesting FINALLY happened! We heard a wheeze, and then a grunt, and then some branches being shook—I was so scared, I couldn’t look. But then, Sparky shook my shoulder and whispered, “Oh, WOW!” so I turned and saw…




Wait, Arte Fact? As in, Sparky’s uncle?


It was definitely him! He had discovered the pie and was closely inspecting it.


“Hi, Uncle Arte!” called out Sparky.


He turned and saw us. “Oh, hello, boys! Why are you all the way out here on such a chilly day? I even thought about staying in and I love to go out exploring. I’m out looking for interesting objects for my shop, which I do whenever I have some spare time!”


I could barely speak. “Like you did…a couple weeks ago?”


“Sure thing!” said Arte cheerfully. He leaned down to tug at his boots. “And I’m getting better at these snowshoes now, too! They make quite a trail in the deep snow, but they’re quite helpful for getting around.”


I looked closer. Sadly, I’m pretty sure Uncle Arte’s snowshoe tracks could pass for fairly convincing Abominable Snowman tracks.


Uncle Arte straightened up. “Want to head back now, boys? I think my exploration today is over. And this pie you brought with you looks mighty good, don’t you think?”


Sparky and I traded glances. “Definitely, Uncle Arte,” Sparky said. We set off through the deep snow, making tracks of our own.


I’m a bit sad that we didn’t find proof of the Abominable Snowman, but guess what? I made a plan, did an experiment, and found a solution! That’s what investigation’s all about. And with this one solved, I can’t wait until the next surprise we find!



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    It is a bit sad. But I’m a bit relieved it’s not real.

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