NEW Version of Polar Plunge for Web and Mobile!


The NEW version of Polar Plunge, which recently debuted on the Webkinz mobile app (available for FREE from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store), is now also available in the Arcade on!








The first time you cross the finish line on each of the easy, medium and difficult slopes you’ll win a NEW bronze, silver, or gold trophy!





The original version of Polar Plunge (minus the original trophy, which has now been officially retired) can still be played in the Tournament Arena. Time to hit the slopes!


What do YOU think of the new version of Polar plunge? Let us know in the comments below!


35 Responses to NEW Version of Polar Plunge for Web and Mobile!

  1. RockRfox says:

    I’ve never reached the finish line in Polar Plunge, not even on the easy slope. Now that the new version is up, I still haven’t made it, but I did get a lot farther than I ever did before! Don’t know if that has anything to do with the change, but maybe there’s still hope for me! I do like the look of the new version, btw.

  2. ilovemoonie says:

    I just got the bronze trophy today! I’ve been trying for it ever since this game was released on, so I’m pretty happy! :) Now on to silver! ;)

  3. 90skidzrule says:

    I suggest you bring back the slope names if this is going to be the permanent version. I liked the Kewel Runnings, Ice Cream Float, Polar Plummet and Black Diamond names and the original version in the tournament arena does not give you the option to choose one of the old slopes. The names in the new version are too plain so please consider naming the slopes again

  4. MidnightFireflies17 says:

    I like how the new version is easier to play, but like the graphics of the old game better. These are a little too bright. I am happy we can still play the old version in the arena too. :) Is there any way to still win the old trophies or do the new ones replace them?

  5. stinkum5 says:

    I like it. I got the bronze, now I’m going for the silver. Thanks Ganz!

  6. Pupwolf says:

    Has anyone won the gold trophy yet? Do you know how many points you scored to reach the finish? I’ve gotten to 15,000 twice before wiping out, so I’m wondering how much longer I have to go.

    • stefieskates1 says:

      Just over 17,000 on the hardest level.

      • Pupwolf says:

        Thanks! I just need to get a little farther. :-)

        • Pupwolf says:

          Update – I won the gold trophy! It was 17, 249 points, so it really helped to know I was getting close. I know there has been a lot of pros and cons about the retooled version and I can understand both sides. I prefer the graphics and overall “feel” of the original game, but it had become unbearable to play. I believe trophies could be won during the early years of Webkinz, but as computers have improved and gotten faster, this game, in my opinion, couldn’t keep up, especially after the launch of Webkinz X. I like to play games that have a definite possibility to win, and Polar Plunge had become so glitchy with freezing up and jerky movements and causing log outs something had to be done. I’ve been playing Webkinz on and off since 2007 and had completly given up on this game until last week. Now I have three new trophies, so yes, I like the new game. I’ll visit the game in the tournament arena when I want a trip down memory lane. :-)

    • Dipstick2013 says:

      i won the gold trophy after about 18,000 points on the hard level.

    • CheekyCat says:

      I got about 17000 when I passed the hardest level also :)

  7. hoki says:

    I like the new one. And can play the old on tournament if want to. And I got the bronze trophy so far. At least I can cross the finish line on the easy one – couldn’t do it on old one.

  8. Catherine1915 says:

    I like both, but I like this new version better. Have gotten the bronze and silver trophy – trying for the gold now. At least can finish, unlike the other version. Got discouraging as never could get to the end of the old one.

  9. SteveMc says:

    Well, from comments on the other thread started on this game, I might be in minority, but I like the new version. But, I do agree, might have been nice to still keep the old version and put this as version 2. At least those that like the old one can still play in tournament area.

  10. spunkygirl says:

    I do not like this new version because it is too bright. I can not even see the slope on my computer, no matter my brightness adjustment.

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