NEW Winter Prizes available on Webkinz Mobile

Spin the Wheel of Wow on Webkinz Mobile for the chance to win heartwarming prizes for your pet like Hot Sauce and the Webkinz Striped Sweater!
Available January 8th – January 21st :




The Webkinz Mobile Pet app is now available for FREE on iTunes* … and on the Google Play Store**

31 Responses to NEW Winter Prizes available on Webkinz Mobile

  1. etncpink says:

    Aw. I wish i had the mobile thing. :(

  2. SarahBeara523 says:

    This is great! Only, thing is they need to make it available for Kindles.

  3. peachprince says:

    can someone send me the hot sauce ??? please!!! my username is peachprince

  4. marnabear1 says:

    The sweater has been on the wheel before and the tabasco sauce has been there for some time. The hot chocolate is from the wshop and the other things are all old prizes. Don’t claim something is new when it is not, but give us something really new instead.

  5. TinaKitty24 says:

    I had the sweater-it looked so cute on my pet, but I traded it and now I regret it. :|

  6. mar1ed2 says:

    i would like the sweater or the hot sauce will send something nice in return

  7. AbigailGriz says:

    If anybody sends me the PJ’s, sweater, or snow globe hat I will send stuff back.

    • etncpink says:

      Can someone send me the snow globe hat or the striped sweater? please! I will repay you with the winter fest snowy slippers. (Or if you need anything other than the snowy slippers for the sweater or hat, reply down below. i will try my best!!) Thanks guys! ~etncpink~ :D :P

  8. KittensMittens says:

    Cool gifts, but I don’t have iTunes or Google Play……

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